Girls will be Girls...or Boys?!?  

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8/13/2006 6:41 pm

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Girls will be Girls...or Boys?!?

Well, I've been having quite a time meeting women lately. Where have all the bi women gone? I recently met a fabulous woman...or at least one I thought was fabulous. Tall, blonde, big tits, blue eyes, extremely not talking about myself ha ha ha. She was as close to perfect as a playmate and friend that I could ask.

Actually, I'd have to say she dared me to blurr the line between bi and lesbian -- a line a didn't think I'd want to cross.

All other bi women I've been with have been like me -- hooked up with a man and being with a woman for friendship "with benefits". Somehow, J (what I'll call her) was different. She called what we were doing dating, which I guess essentially was what it was. She did things a man would do when he is trying to woo a woman. She paid, open the car door for me and even bought me a flower at the bar!! Shit, I don't ever remember a man under 50 ever opening the car door for me lol!! And my husband is way to cheap to buy me a $5 flower at the bar.

I won't lie, it was quite amazing. We only had sex the one time and did this "dating" thing for a couple of weeks. It was a short period of time but she made a definite impact on me.

In the end, she truly did become a man. Not only did she do the "nice" man things (as I mentioned above) she also (a) told me she'd call and then didn't; (b) ditched me for her friends; (c) and then disregarded my feelings and said I was overreacting!! I almost half-expected her to tell me I was PMSing.

All in all, it was a quick wild ride with this girl and I won't forget her. But a man I have...what I want is a woman who'll act like a woman. We can both get confused over who'll pay, no one will be trying to open anyone's door and we'll leave the flower-buying to the boys.

wonderfulbiwoman 53F

9/5/2006 5:08 am

well delilah...let's do lunch this week - fuck lunch and let's eat at aquarius...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dream like you'll live like you'll die tomorrow

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