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4/27/2006 3:17 pm

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Focus on quality

I deleted my last post by acc ident,and I was going to add to it, so here is the new post:

Quality Sexual Partners. Whether we are attached or not, the ability of partners to excise the most excitement and pleasure before and during sex is directly contributed to open explicit communication. In my last relationship that ended October 05', my then Fiance could not live up to the sexual expectations/abilites I had of her. I deserved a sex machine who could make my eyelids quiver. The problems were serious I thought and I learned that she had some bad experiences when she was younger, so those shaped her sexuality views. I respected that, but it bothered me. I always thought things would improve and was very patient. When we finally moved in together, sex became almost none existant. Her excuse was that she didn't have the time, the kids occupied her mind and were her priority, and that she was too tired. HOW ABOUT ME... I am your Fiance? That and her early issues frustrated me to pieces. We broke up just 2 months after we moved in together. She was definately cute and petite, a hot little body. She looked like she'd be a sex maniac, and when we went out, she turned heads and I bet most guys thought she was a great peice of ass, but she wasn't. She was a taker, not a giver. The first and most major problem for me was that she didn't like to give head. And when she tried she could barely take my head, let alone the whole 7 inches. When it came to doggie style, her vagina was positioned to high towards her belly button, and so I had o awkward, and I had to ask her to put her stomach down and ass up, but it simply was difficult because of how she positioned herself for entry and her physical placements. I got it in always, she loved it and it's a great position generally, but I was always straining and was left again wishing it was better. She could never get wet (not my fault) and got dry fast if she did and required breaks, so she started to use some internal lube. It was sort of this white kind of stuff, It sort of grossed me out, so we migrated to Astrolube once in a while. Now check this out; here I was this attractive, intelligent, patient guy with a nice dick... and I performed Cunnilingus on her everytime we had sex. And several times during because I really enjoy it and do it very well, and love pussy. I was the only guy to ever give her multiple orgasms, and her previous guys didn't do it as well (she said, or with such frequency). 98% of the time we had sex I went down on her and she would cum over and over again... her body twitching in ecstacy, as she lay there moaning for minutes afterward (I'm not blowing my horn, this is just the facts). How about my turn I'd ask? No she would reply, or tease me for like 30 seconds. She would lick my balls, I'll give her that. So the frustration was building. Since I'm such a stupid ass for believing things would improve like she eluded too, well it did't, and although sex isn't everything in a realtionship, for me it is tied in first with a few other things. So what's the fuss? Well... I guess I made the big mistake of beleiving people would change even when they said they would. She elected not to continue the relationship and I moved out. The moral of my story is relevant. I think finding a compatible lover is a major key component to sexual satisfaction, and if you desire a sustainable relationship, you'd better find out early, and either move up or move on. I aim on being single for a long time, but when people first get together, I think it's mandantory to bring sex subjects to the forefront and verabalize your wishes, giving and taking abilities. Simply because beleive it or not, you will like that person for more than their brains, heart or money.

Let me know what your opinion is on this subject?

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