A story for Dirty Sluts!  

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7/31/2006 10:27 am

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A story for Dirty Sluts!


I here a knock at the door, I new at once who it was, my plans were made, I was really ready for this Dirty Little Slut, once and for all. I open the door all of a sudden, I see a Princess before my eyes with puppy dog eyes, like butter wouldnít melt. With a beaming smile "hi" you say, for a moment I'm stunned, but soon get to grips and say "hi" back "please come in" saying oh my god to myself. You enter and I tell you to go into the room on the right. You turn right and enter the front room, nice and comfortable you say. I sit u down and offer u drinks, we relax and start to my small talk. While chatting I start to really catch your eye. Enjoying the view, I start to move in closer, not taking my eyes of your lips, while we are still talking. You start to grin and I steal a kiss, you giggle some more, then I stroke your neck with the back of my fingers. Moving my hand around to the back of your neck, I start to play with your hair. I grab a big handful of hair and pull your head back firmly; you canít help, but look up. Your gulping and wondering whatís going on, then you noticed youíre getting really wet, really quickly. Then you feel another hand brushing your hair away from your neck, soft strokes start to ease you. I see this and move in reel close and whisper in your ear, in a deep dark voice "that I know how dirty you are, I've seen it, while chatting, itís in your eyes"!! I donít say anything for at least ten seconds then I say "I know what dirty girls like you need!" with that I bite your neck just hard enough to send tingles of wild passion all though you, making every hair stand up on end! I slide my hand firmly down your body, towards your pussy area. I just brush pass your pussy and start to stroke your inner thigh, with my thumb nail reel slowly, I pull your hair that little bit harder. Then I remind you of what you need, and at the same time I brush your fat pussy lips though your knickers, making you gasp out loud!

I let go of you hair and push your head to the sofa! I put my arm in between your legs and up to the top of your body and mover you into all fours quite roughly and swiftly. I raise your skirt and you started to swish your arse in anticipation. I see this and wait a sec, then pull your knickers to one side and enter your pussy instantly with 2 fingers. Pushing real deep inside you, flicking my fingers over your Gspot,the groaning, moaning is building, your hips are swishing in time with my fingers I feel amounts of hotness pouring out of your pussy, spilling over my hand soaking the sofa.
I push u harder tight down ageist the sofa now ur thinking i cant breath very well. i see raise arse higher, as u do this i enter u with another 2, "my god u say I'm gonna cum soon so soon". i feel your pussy needs to cum to, so i grab the back of ur hair and pull ready hard, your gulping for air again. your head can only look forward you cant move. you here me say NOW! wheres that juice dirty slut hey!" you let out a wild moan and your hips start bucking wildly, needing more passion. i push harder and deeper with my finger flick your Gspot madly sending you just over the edge. i feel ur pussy spasms and i ask you, what u truly are? u let out this wild Mano and say "I'M A DIRTY SLUT" while holding ur breath still. the moans kept coming wilder and louder, you stop bucking and i give u one last push and flick your Gspot sending u into orgasmic mode. i let go of ur hair and u collapse on the sofa jerking, flinching and gasping for air. I stand up and admire my work, and smile to myself. i bend over you and rub your back gently, i turn u over and look u straight in the eyes and say
"i knew you were".

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