More "Tied" Adventures (The PREQUEL)  

deepinsidher 51M
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6/16/2006 9:59 am
More "Tied" Adventures (The PREQUEL)

Okay, well people are saying this is hot or whatever, but what I'm looking for is others' experiences! Here is another example from my own personal experience. Now this was actually the very first time I did this with my wife. She had NO idea that it was coming. Anyway, a friend and I were out at the bar for several hours. As I was driving him home, I realized I was very horny and had a brilliant but devious idea. I went ahead and brought him home with me. My wife was sound asleep on the sofa, dressed only in her short nightie and nothing under it as usual.
I went to the basement and cut several lengths of rope and brought them to where she lay. Very carefully, I tied her legs apart, and her hands together. Next, I threw a blanket over her face so she would be unable to identify my friend...just in case she ended up NOT liking this.
I quickly pulled her nightie up and stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, sucking, and licking.
She began squirming and moaning. Now that I had her wet and horny, I stepped back and let my friend in. He pulled out a MUCH larger cock than I have...and rammed it home. She let out a yelp, and began asking who it was...over and over.
I quieted her by shoving my own cock into her mouth and force feeding her.
We took her to the bedroom, and placed her spread eagle on the bed and took her several times. Me, I am an ass man, with plenty of lube, we were able to DP her. She later said iot was the best sex she had ever had. She was to get more of the same later on.

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