Fantasy Island Escape  

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Fantasy Island Escape

Fantasy Island Girl

Sometimes all too often you find yourself sitting in your chair wondering if all the early mornings, the commute and the long hours is truly worth it. We often dream but seldom act out on our desires due to the reality or obligations, responsibilities and commitments. Does money buy you happiness? I think not but it sure helps chase away the blues!

After having been working on a large project for nearly 3 years and finally nearing completion I was definitely ready for an extended break. The time to truly get away from it all and live the Club Med/Corona commercial was long overdue.

I was online late one night searching for an opportunity that would allow me to take an extended working holiday for a few months somewhere tropical, warm and friendly that would allow me to at least cover my expenses and keep my hands occupied.

I had found a small but exclusive resort in Negril on the lovely island of Jamaica that was looking for a licensed charter boat captain and someone to maintain a rental fleet of water toys. As well they were looking for a part time massage therapist to handle the overflow during the peak season. Well this just seemed to be tailor made for me! I just so happened I was more than qualified and experienced and all three jobs.

Excited with the proposition as I browsed through the site for the resort it was as if it was calling to me. I had thrown all caution to the wind, sent an email with credentials attached and letting the managers know that without question I was their man!

The next thing I know I was getting off the plane and on a bus headed for the resort to check in and meet with my new employers for orientation and instruction to start bright and early the next day. After having gone through the process of settling into my quarters I decided to venture out get some kind of Tropical Rum and fruit slammer as I wander about to get a lay of the land.

I have been here only for a few hours but I can already feel my sanity returning to me. I don't know if it was the rum or the change of scenery but for the first time in ages I really felt relaxed with the smells of the sea warm tropical breeze in my face and the sand at my feet

As I walked along the shoreline admiring the sunset over the water I noticed you sitting on the rocks having captured the last moments of the sun as it slips away into the ocean with your camera. You seem to be longing for another place, another time and almost in a meditative state. I am not sure you have even noticed me yet. The sweet smell of the tropical oil on your body from the day of sun worship is arousing to me. Your skin is glowing and shimmers from the oil. My heart begins to race.

I work up the nerve and say hello. The sound of my voice seems to have broken your trance. Beautiful isn't it? You ask. I say yes. You remove your glasses from you face and when our eyes meet we can both feel the desire that burns with in us as if we were long lost lovers that just found each other again. You ask me if I would like a glass of wine and I say yes. As we walk back to a spot nestled between the dunes of sand just off the main path of the beach. You have a blanket laid out with a radio softly playing some music that somehow seems to enhance the moment. It's as if you were expecting me to be here… right now.

Hours pass. We talk and drink it seems like it had only been a few moments. There is a chill in the air and I make a fire from some of the driftwood lying around the beach. The wine has left me with the feeling of love in my heart, desire in my mind and lust in my loins. As we lay on the blanket watching the fire perform its sensual mesmerizing dance. Your head rests on my shoulder. As I look into the fire, our private little space seems to take on a magical glow. You lean over and kiss me gently and passionately. Your sweet smell, the softness of your skin, the taste of the wine on your lips and the heat from your body are all so arousing to me.

The next thing I know you sit up and remove your bathing suit revealing your tan lines and the way they just seem to perfectly outline all your sexy curves. You ask me if I would rub some lotion on your back as I reply with pleasure. I love the way your skin feels as I begin to rub you down all over. You begin to let out soft and subtle moans as my hands rub over your neck, shoulders the small of your back and your tight little sexy ass. I can't help myself as I gently tease you by grazing the inside of your thighs just touching your labia with my fingers .You begin to shudder. My god you are so wet.

You roll over and kiss me again this time with the hunger of a tigress. I begin to rub your firm breasts your nipples are so hard. As I begin to suck on them you let out a moan again this time louder OHHHHH… You grab me by the hair and push my head down on to your warm, wet and sweet pussy. The smell of your love overpowers me. Your taste is divine as I begin to lap up your juices and work on your rock hard clit. My tongue swirling around and lapping back and forth over your clit you begin to tighten up and buck your hips toward my face you scream I am cumming!. You gush all over my face the feeling of your hot love dripping on my face is exquisite and the taste like I have never had before. I want more. We both fall onto our backs. Your heart pounding so hard that I can feel it trough the ground.

We take a moment to regain our lost senses. Lying naked on a blanket, my arms around you, the heat of the fire caresses our bodies. I let my mind begin to wander. Imagining that in the flames I see a couple lying as we do but they are caressing each other, kissing, fondling and exchanging looks of love, desire and lust. Their passion begins to grow. Their kisses become deeper. Their breath heavier, then I hear a beating sound within my chest, and find my heart pounding like a jungle drum, distant, steady, and erotic, intensely with anticipation.

The images in the fire fade, but the mesmerizing dance of the flame still envelopes us as you become aware of my arm pulling you to my body. I gently kiss the back of your neck working my way to your ear. Your fresh scent of passion is so intoxicating. As I begin to kiss your ear you shudder as I whisper softly to you.. "I want you". Your head turns to offer more to my lips. I seek your lips and your tongue touches mine. As your eyes stare into mine capturing my lust and revealing your own.

The fire blazes around us, its heat engulfing us. As sweat pours from our bodies, our skin glistens in the flames. You push your breasts against me, as you moan," hold me". I respond by pulling you closer to me with one hand while the other gently caresses, and massages your breasts with increasing passion. You press the nipple of your breast into my palm, giving yourself to my touch. You are on your side facing me, one leg over my hip, holding me to you. You feel the head of my hard cock, burning against your clit, raging with passion as it spreads your labia and strokes between them, back and forth, back and forth. You excite me so much.

Your juices create a velvety smoothness for me to slide through, as I rock my pelvis into you. My god you are so tight and wet you begin to shudder and sing the sweet song of ecstasy.

I then roll you over on your back, with your legs wrapped tightly around me. You can feel my hard cock pressing against the outside of your pussy, parting your lips and then plunging into your hot, wet hole. I tease you, sliding into you just a little and then pulling back out.

Your body is now screaming to feel my cock deep inside of you... The words slip from your mouth "Oh, more.. Please more" as your cream flows from your pussy.

"Harder." you plead in a whispering voice. I am out of control.
"Harder" you beg. I move deeper and deeper into you with each stroke.
"Yes, deeper!" you demand. I respond by pounding you harder and harder with each thrust.

"I want to feel your hard cock deep inside of Me." you scream.

I feel your heat building, my cock swelling and I know we are both close.
"Oh yes, cum for me baby" you say. I want to fill your pussy with my cum" I groan. As you grind your pussy onto me, your hips arching to enclose as much of my cock as you can reach. My mouth gasps for air as I thrust deep inside you. I'm not sure if you hear me or if my words are only fuel for my own fires.
"Yes I want to cum with you, NOW. Now. OOHHHH….AAHHHHH Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes. I'm cumming" And with those words I let loose the flood of passion and desire that has been burning inside me for far too long.

You answer me back with your own orgasm. Your sweet pussy convulsing, squeezing, and sucking my cum deep inside you. My own cream floods your pussy with its warmth, mixing with yours. What an amazing feeling - I love it when we both cum at the same time.
I cover your body with mine, exhausted from our passion. You keep your legs around me. Your pussy holds my cock without release. Our bodies are covered with perspiration. As we rest in each other's arms, you gently run my fingers through your hair.

My head turns and once again I look into the fire. The images have returned. They hold each other as we do in the now softening flames. As I look into the fire, I see the glowing embers reflected on their bodies and I realize they are staring at us. I then realize it is us.

Sweet Dreams..........

The next Morning I had awoken with the memories of the night before still burning in my head and the sent of my new lover still on my body. Shit! I'm late for my first day on the Job! As I head for the cabana where I am to give my first massage of the day I find the guest already lying face down on the massage table head wrapped tightly an a white towel wearing a big fluffy robe.

I say "good morning" she says "your late" My apologies madam. The smell of fresh botanicals and the sounds of the water are quite alluring. I start the massage with some light acupressure just to get the blood flowing. as I begin to hit certain pressure points I hear her moan softly with a sound that is somewhat familiar to me. My mind drifts back to the amazing experience that I had the night before.

I move down to her feet and apply some oil so that I can really get things loosened up as I massage up her legs, her skin is radiant and quite soft to the touch but muscles firm and taught those of a runner.

I ask her to remove her robe so that I may massage her back. She responds without a word by lifting her tummy off the table to undo the belt around her waist and the slides the robe off her shoulders. Much to my surprise she was completely naked! The look the smell and the sounds all hit me at once as I began to rub her down with more intensity focusing on her sweet spots to coax the sounds out of her that I needed to confirm my suspicions.

Was this my newfound Island fantasy girl from my dream cum true the night before? I have still not heard her speak more than a few words and have not seen her face in the morning light. I could never mistake such a beautiful ass as I began to get bolder by rubbing her tight cheeks with my open palms and pushing them all the way to the base of her neck as she let out a deep slow moan of pleasure the way a kitty purrs when affectionately stroked.

I instructed her to roll over as she did I was trembling with anticipation and excitement. Once our eyes met such a devilish grin turned in to the biggest smile as you said "NO WAY!, hey lover"

You sat up and wrapped your arms around me locking your long legs around your my waist as you kissed me deeply probing my mouth with your hot sweet tongue! I got an instant hard on to the hard on I already had!

"Take me now lover" as you leaned back on the table with your legs still firmly locked around my waist and you grinding your hips into my raging hard on!

Here? Now? Are you kidding? It's my first day on the job and if I get caught it would be the end of me, But what the hell nobody was around from where I could see and after all this is what living life to the fullest is all about isn't it?

I took your legs from around my waist and put them over my shoulders as I began to kiss my way down the inside of your knees working my way closer to your thighs and eventually to your hot, smooth, sweet, creamy center.

As I began to flick my tongue over your swollen clit it began to throb so hard it looked as if it would burst! you gasped for air as the sensation seemed to take your breath away. Once again your touch, your taste and your smell was overpowering and intoxicating to my senses I had to have you again!

I had loosened the drawstrings from my shorts enough that I could Free Willy and maneuver into position. The massage table proved to be just the perfect height to make contact. My cock was rock hard and pre-cum was glistening from the head. I began gently rubbing the well-lubricated head of my cock against your throbbing clit, swirling around it in a circular motion increasing the pace with each revolution. You began to buck your hips at me begging me to penetrate you! "Fuck Me! and Fuck Me Now!" you command.

I comply to your wishes by sliding into your hot ever so wet and silky smooth, tight pussy with a slow deep stroke pulling back and pumping deeper and harder with each stroke. "Yea baby that's it fuck me deeper, fuck me harder". "Oh God that feels soo good!" I can tell that the head of my cock is stimulating your G-Spot as you tighten up onto my cock and your juices begin to flow around my cock and run down my balls.

My God I do love a wet woman! I feel your whole body begin to constrict and coil up as the wave of uncontrollable ecstasy comes crashing down on you I can feel the flood of juices begin to flow from your love as you reach your orgasm. You are so red in the face I can't help but grin in delight knowing that I am the one giving you soo much pleasure. I say, "don't forget to breathe" you burst out and a laugh and exhale and all that comes out of your mouth is Oh my God!

I ease up to a slow gentle stroke allowing you time to grab your composure as I can feel my own orgasm close at hand. You say, "Come for me luva I want your hot come all over me! and with that I began to increase my rhythm and speed as I tell you I gonna curl your toes and make you forget your name! I can feel my orgasm build deep inside of me as I stroke you harder and faster "come on baby give it to me, give it to me!"

I can hold back no longer as I release my hot cum deep inside you the endorphins in my head are being released at such a rate I begin to see stars!

Sweat pouring off of both of us, you suggest that we take a dip in the water to cool off. We laugh as we are both wobbly kneed as we make our way to the water laughing and feeling more alive than ever!

Who'd of thought that I would meet such a girl on my Fantasy Island.......

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