The Lake  

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9/13/2005 6:46 pm

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The Lake

I got this idea from a friend of mine. i think he's a bit of an exhibitionist. I have to admit, this one got me so horny writing it. What does it say about me?

It’s such a nice, clear day. We’re out on the lake in your boat and everything is perfect. No mosquitoes, no flies and just this warm gentle breeze. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. I lie on my back, my knees up in the air as you steer the boat out onto the water. I reach into the cooler to get you another beer then mix myself another vodka and soda. The sun shines down upon me, the breeze making my creme colored cover up cling to my skin. The material is slinky and since I’m wearing next to nothing underneath it, the feel of it excites me. The lake isn’t very crowded, but there are a few people out on the water. You steer us out to a spot that is fairly secluded, but occasionally a boat or two passes by. I kick back and sip my drink , the sun warming my bare legs. Turning of the motor, you come sit down across from me and finish your beer.
I feel you watching me and look up to see that look in your eye and a bulge in the only thing you’re wearing...your shorts. Grabbing another beer, you come sit down next to me. We drink in silence as you slip your hand between my legs, caressing the insides of my thighs. I spread my legs to give you access but you continue stroking just where you’re at. Of course this excites me and I take hold of your hand, pulling it towards my mouth. I take your fingers between my lips and suck each one into my mouth. Paying particular attention to the middle one, I lick and tongue each one as though it were a tiny cock. By now your shorts are tented in the front and your cock is rock hard. You pull your fingers out of my mouth and slip them between my legs. Sliding your wet fingers up and down my slit, you begin to kiss the insides of my thighs. I close my eyes and open them wider. You encircle my clit a few times with your forefinger, then slowly work it inside. My pussy is so hot and wet as you twist your finger inside me, my muscles grabbing at it ,wanting you to never stop. The next thing I feel is your tongue at my lips, licking first one then the other. You’re avoiding my clit which has swelled and is sticking out of it’s hood. You continue to lick, moving up, teasing me before finally taking it gently between your lips. Flicking at it with your tongue but not adding any real pressure, you’re slowly driving crazy....but then you know that don’t you?
You pull away and bring the bottle of beer between my legs. I gasp as you pour a stream of cold beer over my steaming cunt, your warm tongue following, licking up every drop. Taking a sip from the bottle and looking me straight in the eye, you place your mouth over my clit and tongue it. The bubbles from the beer tingle and stimulate me. You slip your finger back inside me and I start to cum. Ohhh... the feeling is unreal! I grasp your head and hold you to me. Panting and moaning hoping you’ll stay just right there until I stop cumming.
Sitting up from between my legs, you sit down and lean back, your dick threatening to burst through your shorts. I pull off my top, get on my knees and lean over your lap. You lift your hips and pull your shorts down exposing your throbbing member. I slide my breasts across your lap brushing the nipples along the underside. I squeeze them together and trap you between them. I pour
some beer over my tits getting them slick and wet. You start to pump your hips, sliding your hot cock between them. It feels like steel slipping between the softness of my breasts. My tongue finds the head on every upstroke, tasting a mixture of beer and of you. I move back a little to grasp your balls and bring my lips down over the head. Taking another sip of beer, I put my lips down around you and swish the cold liquid around the head. You moan loudly and push deeper into my mouth. This feeling is exactly what you gave to me a moment ago. I feel myself getting excited again and reach my hand between my thighs fingering the tender skin still tingling from my orgasm. I close my mouth tightly around you and swallow the beer. Your cock jerks in my throat..You stand up in front of me and hold my head as you slide in and out of my mouth. Moving down, I lick and suck your balls all the while stroking your erection in my hand .
You catch something out of the corner of your eye and turn your head to see two men in a nearby boat watching us in complete silence. We didn’t hear them come up on us and they had no intention of announcing themselves. They couldn’t take their eyes off of us and at this point, there was no way we were going to stop. You pull me up the front of you and kiss me., each of us tasting a mixture of things. You turn me around pressing your body against my backside, squeezing my tits and kissing the nape of my neck. You are playing to an audience but I didn’t even notice..With one hand on my waist, you gently bend me forward , my hands catching the side of the boat. I feel the swollen head of your cock sliding up and down my dripping slit. God, I’m so wet! Without warning, you push your way inside me, not stopping till you are all the way in. I gasp in surprise and clamp my pussy muscles down around you. You look up to see the two men, bare cocks in hand, with their eyes glued to our little erotic scene. You decide to give them something to really look at. Putting both hands on my shoulders, you back all the way out before ramming back inside of me hard. I bring my head up and through pleasure clouded eyes, I see the two men. Each of them stroking their cocks in rythmn to your thrusts. Watching them and knowing they were turned on by us added excitement to our lovemaking. I keep my eyes fixed on them, watching them jack off while you pound into my cunt. The only sound across the water was that of our bodies coming together. I can feel you get even harder and I know I’m going to cum again. I start panting as wave after wave rolls through my body. I hear you curse and you cum, your cock jerking inside me spewing so much cum, I can’t hold it all. Some of your load escaping, running down my leg. You are still fucking me, when we hear someone say “shit!” and look up to see the two men shooting their loads out into the water, first one then the other. You slow your thrusting and caress my shoulders as we watch them. It’s so fascinating to know that we were the cause of their display. Pulling out of me, we stand upright , your arms enfolding me..The men suddenly seem embarrassed and quickly put themselves away. They start their boat and we wave as they pull away. We look at each other and laugh, then settle back to enjoy the rest of our day....

rm_sexysion 48M

9/14/2005 2:31 am

lovely,your best yet,have you had sex outdoors or is this something you wish to try

deeonlee111 57F

9/14/2005 4:46 pm

Hasn't everyone had sex outdoors? There's something very erotic about having sex outside in a public place. It's a little bit of a chanc eof getting caught that adds to it. No place where kids could run across you. There's nothing sexy about that. I remember this one particular evening at a beach in Monterey, CA. We were having an Indian summer and it was just gorgeous out. He was like 19 years old (I was 22) and we must have made love in every position next to the ocean. there was road that ran along the beach close to us, but we didn't seem to notice. Sigh... He was so incredibly hot!

rm_John66235 66M

1/15/2006 3:03 am

I've never had sex outdoors , lol.

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