Friend ship  

decentbiker 45M
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7/14/2006 6:26 pm
Friend ship

It is really about getting two comaptible types and putting them together. Raw passion follows but only after the first step of confusion has passed.

Two boats float
Down a stream,
Amidst tumultuous currents
They both share a dream.

One of tin
The other plastic,
One less of a talker
The other spastic.

The tin practical
Likeable and social,
The plastic just emotional
Starry eyed and shy.

The tin gestures
Towards an easier route,
Plastic wavers, accuses
Grapples his un-tethered heart.

Long after tin is gone
A light goes on,
Plastic hurries his mind
Will it be dark or will it shine ?

Catching up with tin
Plastic professes dumbness
Tin giggles like a teen,
And Happiness follows
The pair downstream !

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