slow down..  

dd_china 48M
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5/29/2006 9:08 pm
slow down..

have been working and travelling too much to be able to explore the kinkier side of Beijing.

But still, a few good experiences. I thought one of my friends ditched me after i kind of disappeared but oh no.. She was just upset that i did not inform her.

so after a soothing massage, we had some good make-up sex. after i lick her to cum, she was on top riding and screaming 3 times.. before she got off my still rock-hard dick and gave me a blowjob until i cum in her mouth.

mmm, baby, i love having sex with you!!

that's probably the best feeling, laying down helplessly gettting a blow job until you shoot.

In Taiwan, a few weeks ago, i managed to get a nice little 40 kg girls (23 years) who was also a horny little chick. She really enjoyed when i was pumping her in the classic missionary but on the couch. and she had nice boobs as well. It is a something special with tiny thin chinese girls.

Sorry no pics this time

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