Beijing Bites  

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12/8/2005 10:43 am

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Beijing Bites

it is cold, pretty cold; either stormy icecold siberia winds; or freezing cold chilly days.

so what better to do than to keep you warm in bed..

yesterday, one of my chinese friends, who as a french boyfriend (who is out of town) called and told me to go and see her at a bar.. i didnt; later she text me saying i'm drunk and tell me to go there.. so i go and surprise, surprise, we go home.

in the sofa, in the bed and all the time she says she does not really want to since she has boyfriend.. but later.. she admit she now has scandinavian lover too.. she has nice boobs and a really hot wet pussy; a little chubby for a change.

And today, girlboyman3 joined me with a young sweet friend but the experience, though two girls, were not really too pleaseant. the girls were in a rush and want to go home b4 11 (their home closed the gates then - yes it still happens in China) and they want a small financial contribution.. ah.. had better experiences.

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