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11/25/2005 5:25 pm

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Who am I

Who am I? This is the question that's posed to me most often. Who am I? This is the hardest thing for me to describe. It's hard to find the write words. Trying to use descriptive adjectives to say who I am, Only accomplishes two things. First is makes me sound cocky and arrogant. Secondly it also makes me sound like I was born from a mold.
I am going to try my best. I am a person who is constantly evolving and always changing. Any mold I may have fit, will no longer suit who I have become. I feel intelligent people and life livers constantly grow and change who they are. I am a person who chooses to focus on the good things. Both in people, and in the world. I am a person who will focus on the good in you. Never focus on the negative. I will never degrade you or make you feel bad about yourself. Instead I will see the good in you. Things you might not have even seen yourself. I will push you to be the best person you can. Instead of pushing you down. I get mad just like everyone else. When I am upset. I will always choose to talk about the problem and the problem only. I will not attack you personally.
I am a man who cares about your general well being. Not care about you, only when you can do something for me. I am a male who views a relationship as a living breathing thing. And will treat it as such. It will always have my respect and attention. Will always come first in my life. Relationships are the most important thing in my life. I am a person who loves to put smiles on other people’s faces. I enjoy each new experience that is created with the people in my life. I am person who will not be judgmental towards you. I would love to know everything about you. I would never hold your past against you, and bring it up to remind you, how you were foolish to think you could share it with me. I will listen to you when you need an ear. I will be there when you need a hand. I am intuitive enough to know the difference. I will romance you. I will communicate my emotions with ease. I will also cherish the moments we spend together.
I leave the descriptive adjectives of who I am, to others who feel they can judge me. While I may find it difficult to say who I am. I have no issues explaining how I feel. Every day is an opportunity for me to be better than I was the day before. So if you really want to know who I am. I will tell you I am a better person today then I was yesterday. I hope that answers your question.
If I may be so bold to ask. Can you tell me to whom it is that wants to know? lol

dbltrouble7473 42M/39F  
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11/25/2005 7:35 pm

wow i am blushing after your kind words. i wish for you all the sweet things you ask for in your profile. I wish you were not so far away, because i think we'd get along amazingly. You truly have a heart of gold

Nandy04 30F

12/22/2005 8:24 pm

i love the person you'r describing there, sounds like my perfect kind of guy.... what went wrong? i honestly wanted you to be my fuck-buddy.

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