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stay-at-home mom

Somes days, I fantasize about this:

I thought something was up when I saw her outside one day, in front of her house washing her white Jeep. I was walking my dog and when I walked by, I pointed across the street and
said, "Can you get mine next?"

"Sure thing, " she said. I'm trying to lose weight. It was a clencher the next day when she came by and told me she was getting a part time job, and that she needed me to give her daughter a ride to school one day. Getting a part time job and losing weight...that can only mean one
thing: she's getting divorced.

She's a small, southern girl with a thick country drawl, wiry blonde hair and small breasts. When she works out in the yard, she wears a white sports bra and cutoffs so that
when she stands up, I can see the shadow running up the center of her belly, and the defined ridges of her abdomen. She denim shorts are tattered, and cling to her round ass.

I like to see her in her sports bra, because it presses down on those small breasts and reveals her hard nipples. Small breasted women - women with little ripe plums for breasts - are my favorite because their nipples are always so hard. They squirm the most when I pinch them between my teeth.

She's a stay at home mom, and I work at home. I found myself lingering outside in the afternoons, working in the yard, hoping to see her out in her yard, washing her car, or visiting with a neighbor.

One day she drove by while I was outside. When she saw me, she slowed down and rolled down her window. "Do you know anything about computers?" she asked.

"Sure do, " I said. She knew that I knew about
computers, so my heart raced a little, thinking that she was looking for an excuse to talk to me.

"I need to buy some airplane tickets. Can I come by and help me out?" She asked.

"Of course. Anytime - in fact, you can come by now if you'd like."

She agreed, so she pulled her car into her driveway across the street, then darted over to my house. I had already stepped inside, and was waiting with the door open.

I brought her into the upstairs office where I have my computer and sat her down in my computer chair. I squatted down next her to and asked if she knew what site she wanted to visit.

She smiled. "I know you, " she said, "I
bet you spend all day looking at girlie pictures, don't you?"

I smiled back. "What's wrong with that?"

"I don't think anything's wrong it. I wouldn't
know the first thing about it, though. You have one of those web cams? What do people do with them?"

Iasked her if she wanted me to show her and she said, she would, so I brought up, logged in and clicked on a few women that were familiar to me. The two windows popped up and one was dressed in a t shirt and panties, just chatting, but the other had scooted back away from the webcam, leaned back in her chair, spreading her legs out over the arms of
the chair, rubbing herself through her panties.

She didn't say anything at first, but I just sat their next to her. After a moment of silence, she said, "You like that, huh? Watching a girl touch herself?"

"Sure do, " I said.

She shifted in the seat, and until her right leg rubbed lightly against my knee. She looked a little nervous, but wouldn't look at me. After a moment, she licked her lips, then lift
her left hand up to her right breast and traced a circle over her nipple. I saw it harden instantly beneath the white sports bra. Then she touched her other nipple first on the
outside of her bra, but then on the inside, sliding her fingers up under the lycra and pinching them. Just watching her made me hard...I wanted to reach out and grab her, pull her down to the ground and ravish her...but I waited and watched. She slid the bra up so that I could see her nipples. They were
dark brown nuggets of caramel, perched on two powdery white breasts. While she pinched herself, she said, "Pull off my shorts, "

I did as she asked, unbuttoning them and pulling them off completely. She wore a white thong underneath them, and I pulled that off as well to reveal a bald pussy, with lips already swollen. I reached out and touched the tip of her clitoris with my finger, and she squirmed, I slid it down and it immediately slid into her pussy...she was completely wet, completely horny. I was still squatting, so I spun
the chair around so that it faced me, draped her legs over my shoulders and plunged my tongue into her pussy, where I slid it in and out, and then around her clitoris which I sucked hard. Her legs were firm and I slid my hands up her
thighs and grabbed her ass on either side. Her ass, too was firm. I moved one hand down the narrow crack up to her rectum...she
was so wet that it was already dripping down, and her other hole was already lubricated, so I slid on finger into her ass, while I still licked her pussy and she played with her
nipples. "Fuck me, " she said and I complied.
I kept her on the chair, and got up to my knees. I pushed her legs apart, and pulled down my pants, revealing my hard, red cock. I slid it in her pussy - I like this position because
I like to watch my cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. Every once in awhile I look up to see her face - it's flushed, with red splotches, she's about to come, so I start to fuck harder and harder, with my hands grabbing her ass
and pulling her toward me as I thrust forward, fucking hard until I heard her gasp, and I felt her pussy grow tight, and the sound alone was enough to make me come....and she whispered,
"oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." and I collapsed
on top of her. About ten minutes later, both of our breathing back to normal, she said, "Can we try that again?"

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