what a way to wake up  

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1/18/2006 8:53 pm

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what a way to wake up

mmmmmmmm I had the most amazing wake up call tonight. i was expecting him to call, but had fallen asleep watching a movie. But as soon as i heard that voice, my whole body woke up. I knew i was in for a really hot convo. omg he makes my body shiver with excitement. my nips get hard and almost instantly my pussy starts to throb. makes me wanna scream with pleasure hearing him tell me how he wants to lick me from ears to nips to clit and back. nibbling on my earlobes and neck gives me goosebumps and I quiver all over. I always have the most amazing orgasms when hes describing how hes gonna fuck me so good. i really like the fact that he doesnt expect me to say much b/c he just likes the sounds I make as i'm getting off. he he
mmmmm I'm gonna sleep very well tonight!

Dawn happyf;

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