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1/13/2006 3:03 pm

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made my day

omg that totally made my day! i had a really busy today with all the teams and stuff here and meals and whatnot. But I sat down and logged online shortly after my shift was over and there he was. my hot phone friend! woohooo I really enjoy talking with him regularly. And when he gets all turned on and starts talking dirty to me, its like a jolt of electricity goes thru me. the instant he tells me he wants to walk thru the door and strip me naked, my whole body gets hot. my nips get all hard and achy and I can feel my kitty start to throb. I just love to hear him get himself off. the way his breathing accelerates and catches as he strokes himself and hits a sensitive spot. mmmmmmmmm so hot! well now that i'm all hot and bothered I'm gonna go grab something to eat and head to the Otters game. y'all have a great night!

Dawn happyf;

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