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5/9/2006 6:39 pm

well the show rocked! I had a blast "Doin the Butt." LOL so other then that things had been relatively quiet...

well until the other night when my friend K calls to ask if i read the Enquirer. I was like huh? the enquirer? what about it?! she says you gotta get one and check out page 7. so I had some errands to run and a stop at Wal-Mart. so here i am standing in line waiting to check out and it catches my eyes. the one she told me to look for. so I pick it and start paging thru it. and there one page 7, in all its fabulously dark glory, is the story about Andy Dick and his bar brawl at The Hotel Bar here in the Boro! I was freakin rolling! They physically had to remove him from the bar. The pictures were great! LMAO that guy is unbelievable! he was in town for 2 days and manages to get himself arrested and almost thrown out of his hotel. which by the way, is the same hotel where I work!!! I think he was sober for all of 2hrs the whole time he was there. he even harassed some of the staff. *rolling eyes* The guy was a total ass. and good for a laugh too. lol

okay thats it for now. this'll be a quiet weekend and then next week gets nuts! we've got a full house all week. its gonna be total chaos! but it'll be nice to be busy. check y'all lata!

Dawn happyf;

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