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4/16/2006 4:58 pm

yep thats really the only word I can come up with. WOW! My brain is fried and my body is deliciously satisfied. I just spent some time with my wonderfully talented new chocolate friend. He started with a full body massage. Beginning with my neck and shoulders and arms, worked his way down to my ankles and feet, calves and thighs. All the while dropping kisses all over my back and ass. OMG those hands are so fantastic. He has the fullest lips and a tongue that brings the sweetest torture. But the pleasure that comes from that tongue and those hands is completely worth it. I will admit that his size(mostly the thickness)does take some getting used to. Once my body adjusts to him tho, the rest is pure pleasure. My body tingles from head to toe. And it was really nice to just lay in bed and talk for a while. Then he started all over again. I really like that he practically wraps himself around me and takes me from behind to start. Dipping in a little at a time. Hes such a tease sometimes, LOL. It was the most pleasurable afternoon I've spent since the last time we were together. *sigh* I really need a nap now. lol okay thats all for now.

Dawn happyf;

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