I keep telling myself....  

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6/24/2006 9:26 pm
I keep telling myself....

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job! Well I was once again reminded why I NEVER want kids!!!! And why until a few years ago, they never allowed unorganized teams to stay at the hotel where I work. I mean these people just make random reservations and expect to get the same rate as the "group" that they are "supposedly" with. Nevermind that their kids are complete a**holes and have NO respect for the other guests. I worked last night and was at the desk til 11:30 or so. And had to be back in this morning at 7. So being that I dont live in the city, my managers have been really great about letting me stay when I work a back to back like that. And I got all of about 3hrs of sleep thanks to these little shit heads! they were up til almost 3am running the halls. Our security guard didnt do shit about that noise complaints either. I had the "pleasure" of listening to all of them bright and damn early this morning. by the time 3pm rolled around I just wanted to shoot myself!

So I came home, had a cocktail, took a nap and I feel so much better. But I get to go in tomorrow and I'm hoping, no make that praying, that they are gone by the time I get back in there at 3.

okay I feel much better. y'all have a great night!

Dawn happyf;

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