what do people look for?  

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1/19/2006 12:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what do people look for?

is it just me?do you never know what to put?
you look at profiles constantly thinkin what to put.
do ya come across like ya would fuck anything with a heartbeat, or do ya try n appeal to the more sensitive type?
i just never know.
i have always been attracted to the quiet type,someone you can connect with, have a conversation n generally enjoy each others company, but...there is also a side to me that does want to fuck,get down and dirty n go wild,ya know,let loose!
when you are in a relationship things get overlooked or taken for granted,you dont think about em till its ended.then ya wonder why your eatin alone?what can ya cuddle in front of the t.v?or why am i sleepin alone.ya miss these things,the little cuddles,the small chat over a microwave meal n so on.
but when in a relationship there are always times ya wanna be spontaneous, ya would love to meet a stranger n get down to it!something different and exciting!
leave em without so much as swappin names let alone numbers!
so when ya log onto summet like this, what do ya put?
ya know if ya put down ya wanna find a partner,soulmate or good friend the chances are replies can be slim.
if ya put down ya want to fuck anything that moves then back it up with fantasies,you get replies you dont know what to do with!
i aint got the best figure but i am happy, but you feel obliged to put a pic on, then its a worry like,is it ok?what will people think?
i am young,free and single, like many i like to get dirty and spontaneous,but i also would like to meet someone with whom things can happen!

ya see i wonder if this is true?or am i just so confused im going nuts?
so when ya go lookin for people and view profiles,remember that the person you are viewing may be a bit of both,
like myself!!

hope you enjoyed reading this n let me know what you think!your opinion, maybe i aint so alone n confused after all!!hah

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