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11/8/2005 12:43 pm

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Hi ya
im Dave
New to this so sorry if i ramble, ive been told i can’t write to save me life, so apologies up front.
I am 35 and live in UK near London
I’m into most sort of things, but i think this is not for that sort of intro as this is my blog i will just put what I’m doing each day and let it grow from there.
Just uploaded me
and gonna update me intro on here to see if i get any hits?
Not sure how this works as ive noticed there is a point system. How are you supposed to get these unless you’re active around here? So maybe if i update everything then i might start getting some and can then look at other peoples setting and all the interesting stuff.
Yeah i know i can pay and get a temp membership, but for now i don’t wanna spend that sort of money on something i m not sure i will get anything in return?
What on earth is a photo icon?
Aw well
I split up from my wife some 8 or 9 months ago now, but this seems like yesterday? Its nice being single, but i never get the chance to get out and meet people. Ive got a few debts from the relationship that I’m still trying to get on top of, before i can start to get on top of my social life. So things are a bit tight just for a little while longer.
A friend of mine used this site a few years ago and got a date with two girls? Is this what this site is all about? Just shagging and meeting new people, or is it about meeting real people and starting real friendships? Answers to follow in later blog once i start to get a feel of this place. Not that im not into experimenting just not sure what directions to take?

Keep this short for now as i wanna do my profile

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11/8/2005 2:02 pm


Maybe I can help.....

A photo icon is just a picture you have stored on your computer (in your files) that you want to attach to the blog. Perhaps a sexy pic of your body parts may work or if you have a pic you feel is appropriat for the blog, just attach it.

You can get points for emailing, writing magazine articles, and I think maybe even winking. I do think because I am a girl, I get more priveleges being a non paying member.

I think as far as what the site is about, well that is up to you....but I think most of us are looking for some wild and crazy sex. I know we are but we are also hoping to make friends too and if sex doesnt happen we dont mind. I have talked to some people who will just do about anything and others like bondage (me too sometimes) and are seeking individuals to play. Its what you make it baby.

I hope I helped answer some of your questions. Welcome to blogville and AdultFriendFinder.

Meow Meow,



silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/8/2005 6:08 pm

dave2me .............blogging is fun, and it is therapy kinda to alot of people,

we blogg about nonsence alot of the time ,but its fun

Enjoy it and i hope u make lotes of friends

love silky xxxxxxxxxx

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