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dasher121 36M
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11/14/2005 7:48 am

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The perfect profile

Handle: ZeltarThEWiZard69 (this is supposed to be ficticious, so if by coincidence this is a real name on here......bless you man, bless you.)

Hi there!!! Welcome to my profile dark travelers. Im a single guy, 32yrs old. My hobbies are Star Trek conventions, intense games of DandD, online gaming. My sexual needs are not being met. Also, must not mind that after sex, I like to curl up into the fetal position and cry for about 20min.
Turn ons: Alien women, William Shatner, and Jessica Rabbit(i can freeze frame her on my computer and see right up her dress!! it took hours to do but i did it!!).
We will have to meet at my parents house where I still live. I would like to go out and have a nice meal at Chucky Cheese where you are required to buy the pizza(my online gaming keeps me from work) and you will also have to order Chucky and friends to dance and sing happy birthday for me(even though its not my birthday). Then back to my place for some fun hehe. I do share a room with my 16 year old brother so we will have to keep it down. But I promise it will be the best 30seconds of your life!
I do have an obsession for alien women(the ones on star trek just get me going!) so please, unless your skin color is purple, or are willing to let me spray paint you.......Im not interested.
Looking for some bitchez to fulfill my deepest fantasies. My best friend told me that women like being called bitches,he said it makes them "wet". Not really sure what that means but I like to swim also so we can set up my kiddie pool. But youll have to blow up my floaties for me(I lose my breath easily). Of course he's a 32 yr old virgin and has never talked to a woman, but Im sure he knows what he's talking about, bitchez.
My fantasy would be to have you dress up like Lena the snow princess(my favorite DandD card!). I will be Zeltar the Wizard. We will battle it out in my parents basement(I still live at home) for control of the Dark Crystal of Maanoor. I have a very elaborite battle planned out, see me later for details. During which I will loose, and you will conduct my punishment of soaking me in 20 gallons of cottage cheese and licking jelly beans to my face. I will then be stripped of my powers by you and Duloban(played by my grandfather.....have to let him get involved, he lives in the basement.). Must like to be video taped as my brother will be filming so I can show this at the next convention.
Ok, someone please email me!!! The 20 gallons of cottage cheese is really starting to smell and my mom is threating to ground me for a month. Maybe its my color requirement. Im willing to accept other colors than purple.

- yeah, this one was pretty stupid haha, but that would be my mood today, goofy-stupid. I like that

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/14/2005 8:38 am

Axl, you make me so proud. The only question is how do you know all those details so well?

dasher121 36M

11/14/2005 9:12 am

You know sister saint, I can honestly give you credit for my bizzarre blogs. When I first ventured into blog land, yours was the first I read. And I thought, "Wow, someone who has a mind as strange and out there as mine!"
So I was inspired by you to let loose my strange imagination! And very honored to have the title of your evil bro! haha.
Ummmm, no comment on the details lol

rm_texasgal1978 45F
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11/14/2005 3:30 pm

You do seem to know an awful lot about D&D and Star again it may be sexy having a guy dress up in his Star Trek uniform and beams me up .. would I get to wear the spock ears?

dasher121 36M

11/15/2005 7:11 am

Ok ok smartass's hahaha. Ill tell you. In highschool for 2years I had 9:45am lunch(yeah more like breakfast), and none of my friends were in it with me. So I sat at a table with a "shop" guy who was also in the same situation. At the end of the table we sat at, were a group of guys OBSESSED with D and D. They would play extremely intense games and myself and the shop guy would just sit there completely amazed.
They were also avid Trekkies and if they werent playing with those damn cards they were arguing over who the best Captn was new or old!!

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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3/9/2006 1:16 pm

OMG gamers,Magic card players oh my!

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