The History of my delinquency Prt. I  

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11/27/2005 3:33 pm

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The History of my delinquency Prt. I

Its warm and dark outside. The noises of the city are all around, but dimed by my own mind, my own sences. I am 12 years old. Traveling down a troubled path in my life, the wrong path. But its not too late, and as the future does tell, I will be saved one year later. By the bad actions of my sister, who's also traveling the wrong path. And also by a major sacrafice by my parents.
The street lights pour out onto the quiet sidewalks, but we move in the shadows behind them. We have our own agenda, our own mission to carry out. The squad car passes by slowly, as it always did through our neighborhood. It's him, and he's not looking for what most would think a police officer is looking for on patrol in a bad neighborhood. He's a menace, a monster in disguise. And it's payback time.
Ronnie taps me on the shoulder, he's ready. This is it, tonight revenge will be served. He shouldnt have done that to her. The egg fly's from my hand. I hear it wizz through the air and the glorifying "splat!" The squad car comes to a screeching halt, spotlight immediately on me. But Im not worried, its part of the plan. He gets out and immidiately sprints after me. The familiar hate in his eyes. Despite my age, I know he's going to hurt me if he catches me. "If" he catches me I remind myself with a nervous smirk.
Before my sences can catch up my feet are already moving. Knowing the what ifs and whys are of no concern right now. The warm night air blows by me, through me, as my white high tops crunch on and off of the grass over and over. As I run through dark yards, dodging and circling. Just to give Ronnie enough time to do what he must.
I can hear his curses and panting getting closer, Im starting to slow. Have to do something. I head for a back yard. Its dark, but I can make out what is important. "He" forgets that "we" know this area better than "he" does. But he cannot see past his narrowed anger right now, something my young mind had counted on.
As I hit the second back yard upon countless, I can feel his fingers twitching at the back of my hoodie now flapping in the air. The intensity of his blood lust getting almost right ontop of me. "Im fucked!" I tell myself, as I can feel one of his fingers lock onto the fabric.
I duck missing the clothes line, but he is not so lucky. I hear a choking sound and a thud. But my stride does not break. Up over the fence with one hurdle, never touching it(skills later in the years my track coach asked where I had gotten. could only answer with a smile). His choking and gagging disappear in the distance. I slow down to a trot. My lungs are pounding, head swetting down my face. Intense feelings are coursing through me. I feel awake, alive to life! Strange thing to come from so juvinile an act I later think.
I rest my hands on my knees and catch my breath. Im standing on the edge of an alleyway that I had just traveled down through peoples back yards. I step out onto the road, "Where did chance lead me to now?" I dont recognize my surroundings, how far did I run?
My question is answered promptly with a distant "What the fuck?!!" I close my eyes and exhale, "Oh how funny karma is." I sigh deeply and turn around. There they are, five of them. Standing a block away and coming in my direction. I dont know exactly who they are but they know exactly who I am. Being the little brother of the Bonnie half of the neighborhood Bonnie and Clyde gets you into all kinds of interesting situations.
And right now I just realized that I crossed the "border" and we arent cool with this neighborhood. Did Ronnie and the others do what they planned? Did I give them enough time to show "our" point? Ha! Our point, more like their point. Although I do feel for what happened to her, she is one of "theirs". I dont know how much justice is going to be served out of their delinquent act. But none of that is my concern right now, my part in their plan is done. I did the job of distraction, rabbit. Now I have different concerns on my plate at the moment lol.
The five move closer, and they seem to pissed about my presence. And if they found out what my friends and I did to some of their "boys" the week before, Im in real trouble. They are also now between me and the closest way for me to get out. Im too tired to run, they are too much for me to fight. I choose...................

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/27/2005 4:44 pm

To Be Continued.........I should whoop your ass. What part did you grow up in?

dasher121 36M

11/28/2005 11:20 am

haha yeah I know, I suck. Actually I didnt want it to be really long and also wasnt too sure how I felt about this blog. Sometimes I will write things and completely doubt it. Ive actually erased a few posts of mine before more than a few people could read them. Trying not to do that as much.
Guess that sometimes Im not so used to "hanging" who I am and who I was out too far in the open. I think that the friends I have on here know more about the real me than my friends I hang out with. But, I will of these up coming days evil laugh hahahahaha.

dasher121 36M

11/28/2005 11:22 am

sister saint- I grew up in LP, small borrrough in West Mifflin. Its actually a nice area now. Wasnt so nice when I was there, and the "neighborhood wars" as we called them made things really shitty. Especially if you were between 11-25 yrs old. And yes, even the youngsters got involved. In fact, they were more diabolical and violent than the older.

rm_texasgal1978 45F
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11/28/2005 4:42 pm

I want to know what you can't get us involved in a story and just leave us hanging...pheeewwwwwyyy

konkali 40F

11/28/2005 10:19 pm

feel free to continue at any moment now..

Hope you had a good holiday

dasher121 36M

11/29/2005 10:30 am

texas- but isnt it all about the tease? haha
konkali- hey there, yes I did. Hope that you had a good one also. Wasnt too exciting, the usual, too much family and too much food!

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