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dasher121 36M
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11/28/2005 12:42 pm

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News flash!

So here are two news reports that I heard in the morning a few weeks back that are just too rediculous. These two "gentlemen" should get a stupidity award, really.
caution: the acts about to be discussed are so dumb that I must post a warning. You may become dummer by reading this. Blog at your own risk!

Story #1:
A middle aged man walks into a bank in the midwest and hands the teller behind the counter a note. Its the standard "Give me all the money you have" kind of note. After he leaves with quite a bit of money the police are called. Upon reading the robbery note, they flip it over to the back, something is printed on it. This genious wrote the ransome note on one of his BANK reciepts! The police contacted the bank, got his records, and the man was in custody by the end of the business day.
Story #2:
A woman walks into a seven eleven around 2am. She notices that there is no one manning the store. After a few "Hellos" she begins to worry. So she calls the police just to be safe from her cell phone and waits outside for them to come. The police arrive and go into the store. Their search takes them to the private area of the store where only the employees are aloud. They find the 23 year old clerk passed out at a small table in the back. And sitting on the table next to his head is two pounds of pot, a digital scale, and a box of baggies. He was woken up and felony charges of "intent to sell large amount" was awarded to him for his cleverness. Lesson to be learned: Drug dealers, dont bag your weed at your late night job. You may fall asleep!

Bonus story:
(This actually happened at my college during my second year there. Could not make this shit up!)
A kid I had a class with decided one day to rob the National City bank on main street in town. He went in, with a note that he handed to the teller, and walked out with $200,000!! However, he did not wear a mask and while walking out of the bank, not only did they get a photo of his face, but he was smiling!!(the photo was haning in the Drug and alcohol office that i worked in for a year later. it really was funny to see his smirk as he walked out!).
He went immediately back to his dorm room and then dissappeared later that day. The police showed up at his dorm room and he was gone. However, he left the majority of the money under his bed. Three days later, students who knew him and lived on his floor were watching the horrible MTV show, TRL live in New York. And sure enough, in the background, screaming with the teenage girls, was our hapless student bank robber.
One of the students immediately got an authority figure and showed them. He was appreahended later that day in New York and taken to jail.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/28/2005 4:19 pm

Christ.. imagine how he felt when he woke up

silky xx

rm_texasgal1978 45F
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11/28/2005 4:46 pm

lol.. a few years after I graduated from high school one of our town's H.S. history teachers decided to rob a local bank without a mask. On the way out he decided to wave the shot gun around in the parking lot and wave to people he knew. Yep, he had molded the minds of young americans

femme872 29F

11/29/2005 6:36 am

People can be so dumb sometimes.

dasher121 36M

11/29/2005 10:28 am

silky- like he should, a dumbass!

texas- well, glad to hear that there are stupid people everywhere haha. thats too damn funny, waving to people and saying "hi" before you rob a place!

femme- yes, yes they are.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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12/3/2005 12:01 pm

And that is the exact reason I dont rob banks or sell drugs.

TheLilFondler 33F  
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12/8/2005 8:12 am


i lost my virginity years ago.....
but i still have the box.....

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