Myths and Legends  

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12/8/2005 9:24 am

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Myths and Legends

Things that I dont agree with. You may not share my opinion, and that is key. Your opinion is your own, so roll with it my freaky darlings. Enjoy:

Myth #1: "People abuse drugs to escape from their problems"

- So very wrong in my eyes. I will share one personal thing about myself. I was drawn into the drug and Alcohol work field because I am a former pothead on permanant retirement(yeah i used to "light up like a jacko-latern."). I also, being in that community, was around alot of others who on a level that was very dangerous. "And I may not have jumped off of the cliff with them, but I ran up to it's edge many times."
Anyway, not ONCE did I or anyone Ive ever known use substances to forget. Its impossible. Mostly that, to me, is a myth made up by those who have NO idea what it is like to walk "the low path". So they try to rationalize this concept to fit their own mind. When I would blaze a phatty, guess what? My problems were still there, and I knew it(i just had the muchies!).
My answer to this is extremely simple..are you ready? It'll move by real quick. People get high, because they like to be high. Period, end of story. Ive had many trials and tribulations in my life. Seen many horrible things. But I started getting high out of curiousity. And I liked it. Period!

Myth #2: "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

- If you havent loved and lost, then you wouldnt have heart ache. I have stated in this blog many times that we should learn from things good and bad. But heartache??!! That can cause one to lose trust in people and become jaded and "shut down". To have someone great in front of your face and then just let them go?? No way, not here. Ive had heart ache, as have most of us on here.
To fear falling in love is another way to lose yourself. To fear people you are attracted to because they may hurt you is not going to help you find balance, or peace, or complete your soul. You learn from past disasters and bad relationships. That I am certain of. But you learn nothing from heart ache.

Myth #3: "The Roman Empire was the greatest and biggest empire in the history of the world./ Alexander the Great conquered the known world."

- I may catch some shit on this one, but again, my opinion. Both I will answer with one persons name(and Ill probably misspell it) Ghangis Khan! Mr. Khan not only conquered just about all of the eastern hemisphere, but he did it in a very interesting way.
Both the Roman empire and Alexander the Great, after conquering an area, would have to assimilate into the population and leave legions there to control things. Not Mr. Khan. Him and his merry band would ride in on horses, always outnumbered, but would win through talent with horses and bows. Then, and most importantly, they would all leave. And they would tell the people that someone will return for supplies and money every so often. And if you didnt cooperate, they would come back and kick your ass again. Not one man left behind, no breeding into other cultures. And the people listened. Now that is power!

Myth #4: "He's just as scared of you as you are of him"

-Well, if he is, he's doing a great job of not showing it. And his bites and claws? Yeah, no thanks.

Myth #5: "Marijuanna kills brain cells."

- This one I used to teach in classes. It is def not true. It would take me a long time to explain it without visual aids, so Ill just be briefe. THC (active chemical in pot) inserts itself into receptor sites in your brain. It blocks other natural mood chemicals that should be there. It gives you a higher level of happiness or sadness. But, when the high is over, the THC falls out of these receptor sites and goes into your blood stream.
However, while in they were in your receptor sites, your brain reads that it's produced too many natural mood chemicals(even though it hasnt) and shuts down making them for a time. So when the high wears off, you have no chemicals in those sites to regulate your mood. Leaving the down and groggy and blah feeling.
THC fits perfecly into those receptor sites(they are in the brain cells) like a piece to a puzzle. It highjacks the cells, takes them over. But does absolutely no damage at all to it. What it does, is slow you down. Especially after the high.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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12/8/2005 1:31 pm

1. You think I wouldnt take a Vicoden right now if I had one? You are right on that one.

2. Oh, you would be suprised what you can learn from heartbreak and heartache. You end up learning more about yourself, even though yes, you do shut down.

3. Pffft, please. The Romans were as cruel and nasty as you can get. There is not a monopoly on human suffereing, but they were damn close. Breeding into other cultures? I am close to where you live you know *SMACK*

4. You have never seen me freak out when I see a bear. Its scary.

5. I dont know about that, but huffing gasoline sure does.

MrNuttz05 49M

12/9/2005 12:06 am

Dude, good topic....

1. Drugs To Escape... Like you, I used to blaze it up quite a bit, but have toned it down considerably... I never forgot, if anything it made me more aware. I did Drugs because I lacked self-confidence. With the Drug I had the will...

2. Oh, my brotha'... The day my heart was broken was the day that I turned into a man... Just how you mentioned that people label Drug users because they have never experienced it... Same here. To love is to live!

3. The Romans are respected for their longevity... Empire after empire... But if we were ging on the Art Of War, then my man Tang Szu has to be mentioned along with the Zulus...

4. I agree... Scared people run...

5. If it did, I would have been a dead son of a bitch @ 17....

Peace.... Roll em' if you got em'!

PrincessKarma 43F
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12/9/2005 5:46 am

1. I only ever get high when I need a change in perspective...maybe if I had been high when I found out someone I loved had lied and betrayed my trust I would have handled things differently. (For the record, I have 15g of prime moroccan resin, 97% pure, and it's been sitting there since July at least... haven't felt the urge to use it so far.)

2. Heartbreak either destroys us or makes us stronger. We are stonger.

3. The Romans knew the value of public relations. The Golden Horde didn't.

4. Well, teeth and claws have the advantage, unless you're packing a 9mm...

5. It doesn't kill them, just relaxes them waaaay too much. Spliff, anyone?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

dasher121 36M

12/10/2005 9:30 pm

sisterSaint- hola chica! Very true about the monopoly of human suffering.

MrNuttz- thanks for stopping in dude. and yes, i did forget about one great one Tang Szu. And the history of the Zulu's is very facinating. The fact that they not only conquered their own country of divided tribes,but also took on the British empire at one of their highest peaks! That was truely amazing. Thank you for the comments and the insight.

Princess- that is great that you have had that for all that time and not used it. truely amazing. and yes, the golden horde did not value public relations at all. the romans were very technical and did think on many different levels. but they both did have completely different goals in mind too. thank you for your insight as well.

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