My 101st Post!!!!  

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3/16/2006 7:07 am

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3/20/2006 9:02 am

My 101st Post!!!!

Yeah, I screwed up the count and did my 100th yesterday. So Ill do 101 things about myself, try not to fall asleep during this. Promise it will be quick and easy

100 Things about the Dude (Prt 1)

100. Im a Virgo.

99. I am a die hard fan of George A Romero movies (Im from Pittsburgh! How could I not be lol).

98. I jam out to the golden oldies.

97. When I was a little dude, I used to want to be a ninja. So Id wear my tightie whities on my head as a mask.

96. I used to be in charge of cleaning $10,000 Oriental throw rugs. I would steam and treat them while really really high and with a cig hanging out of my mouth. I did great work!

95. I have a very low self esteem about how I look.

94. Im naturally shy.

93. I graduated college, did the whole ceremony, and then moved back home only to discover in the middle of th summer that I failed a class and did not actually grad.

92. I took the class back at home and got an A along with my degree a few month later.

91. That damn "Im in love with a stripper" song has been stuck in my head for the last two weeks!!!! It is catchy though lol.

90. My favorite alcoholic drink is Captn and Coke.

89. I hold the record in my high school for second most missed days of school in one year and still graduating.

88. Although I was a raging pothead I hated going to high school stoned.

87. My favorite book is the Hobbit. I read it once a year the whole way through.

86. I love history, especially asian and European.

85. I wanted to be a history teacher but have some black marks on my record that will not permit me to.

84. So I chose Drug and Alcohol studies and counseling.

83. But I dont want to work in that field. No pay, high stress, and people who dont want your help anyway.

82. When you get to really know me, Im a horrid goofball.

81. I tell a lot of stories.

80. One of my favorite movies is "The Warriors"

79. At one time, I could recite the entire movie "Platoon" while it was on mute with my rommate. We used to choose characters to read as and would act out the movie while laying in our beds.(fucking stoners!)

78. Ive been working since I was 11 or 12 years old.

77. In October, two years ago, I accidently stabbed myself with a HUMUNGUS knife in the thigh.

76. My health insurance expired two weeks prior to that.

75. Hospital bills are expensive!!!!!

74. Im a big fan of Smokey Robinson.

73. My first concert was "The Who, bellboy tour".

72. I started smoking weed when I was 13.

71. My parents moved us out of the city to stay out of trouble. I started smoking and drinking once we moved to the new area. Isnt that ironic?

70. Im Irish

69. Im Iriquoi Indian

68. Im English

67. Im Italian (as most of my features show.)

66. Im German.

65. And a wee bit Scotish.

64. Oh yeah, I am a mutt lol.

63. I have two tattoos(pics in network photos) and plan on getting two more this year, then I may stop lol.

62. Two peasant brothers on the English side of my family were knighted after the Crusaides.

61. That makes me VERY generic royalty.

60. I have the crest that proves it tattooed on my back lol.

59. Im a procrastinator.

58. I have always fantasized about a MFF but have never done so.

57. I dont know if I could handle all that hahahahahaha.

56. I work with a family memeber.

55. Between the two of us, we hold down 4 positions.

54. My first name makes me Dasher the third.

53. When I was 13yrs old, I suffered from some condition that gave me horrible migrain headaches for a whole year straight.

52. I cried alot during that year lol.

51. Regular headaches no longer phase me after that shit!

50. I was a boyscout for a few years. We were a troop that was city based. City based troops werent aloud to do much. We did arts and crafts all dee time. They didnt trust us hahahaha.

To be continued................

Babel__Fish 45F

3/16/2006 7:24 am

No, no... I'm a horrid goofball, cerified

Your list is actually one of the only one's that I have read


curious082385 31F
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3/16/2006 7:30 am

Grinning all the way through that.
I knew all the other ones, but trying to picture you as a boy scout just isn't working. I wouldn't trust you as a kid either!

RedheadedMedStd 34F

3/16/2006 9:01 am

That whole stabbing yourself with a huge knife thing, would that count as a Clarion Connection type story? Even if it doesn't you should still tell it. Your storytelling skills have only improved with time.

Plus I'm nosey.

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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3/16/2006 9:03 am

Dasher come out to plaaayyyy. (Love that movie too)
A boyscout, hmmm, are you always prepared?
Goofballs, nerds, geeks, best people in the world.

Pump It Up, baby!


dasher121 36M

3/16/2006 9:39 am

Miss Babel-

Thanks thats very cool of you, and as always the Dude is blushing haha.


yeah, that little fact is hard for even me to swallow at times lol.


I am actually currently working on that story and its going as part of my newer series Adventures of The Dude. I already posted the first in that one. Its all the shit I got into at home not at college. Very very interesting lol.


yes, they are the best peeps! And of course, the dude is always prepared muahahahaha.

jadedbabe78 105F

3/16/2006 9:45 am

54. My first name makes me Dasher the third. <------that explains it .

Great list, lol.

Procrastinators rock, I'm a mutt as well...Irish is just the biggest part, now I have 'I'm in love with a stripper' stuck in my head...thanks, boy scout? That was is funny, lol.

digdug41 49M

3/16/2006 10:01 am

hey dasher I must've seen the warriors a gazillion times... at the movies alone and yeah I started puffin trees at twelve which just led me to stronger and harder things I'm just glad I survived it and lived to tell about it. cya bro

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

pet_humility 48F

3/16/2006 10:32 am

95. I have a very low self esteem about how I look.

Ok mr. dasher have you seen yourself in the mirror lately.. good god man your a very hot man..sheesh! Smacks you for that one.
Of course you know which one is my favorite..

rm_goddess1946 105F
13518 posts
3/16/2006 11:14 am

having to agree with pet humility...................
Dude! are you still on those drugs? Look in the mirror!
You are a bright and beautiful man child! Keep the joy
of the innocent in you and you will alway remain beautiful!

Your loyal and adoring Goddess will defend you and truth in the
midst of knowing that you can not help those who do not want
to help themselves! Loving all of your goofy stories and appreciating
you for all of your mut ancestry {=}

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
3/16/2006 11:32 am

Huge grin reading pet and goddess's comments!!
You blushing yet, babe? lol

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
3/17/2006 5:06 am

Congrats baby!

Purry {=}


dasher121 36M

3/17/2006 12:38 pm


yep, that would explain it wouldnt it? hahaha, and I plan on continuing that curse muahahaha.


the Warriors rules!!! I concider that one of the greatest cult classics ever.


just a good ol "lol" on that one hahaha.


thanks, you are too kind with your words. but greatly appreciated


I think Ive been blushing for the last 2 months non-stop hahaha.


Thank you

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
3/19/2006 9:21 am

you are very cute, i was glad when you started putting up shots where you could be seen. i like your list.

dasher121 36M

3/20/2006 9:01 am


thank you, needed a change with my profile photos. Got bored looking at the same old thing.

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