Man killed by Elephant shit.  

dasher121 36M
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9/30/2005 8:38 am

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3/9/2006 8:17 am

Man killed by Elephant shit.

I saw a news report a few years back and a friend reminded me of it the other day.
An elephant at a zoo(cant remember if it was Pittsburgh or San Diego) was constipated for quite some time. So zookeepers pumped it full of laxatives. A few days passed and still no poo. One of the staff decided to stay after hours and take matters into his own hands(haha)and give the animal an ennima.
For those of you who dont know what an ennima is it's quite unpleasant. Had the displeasure of seeing one done once. A tube is "inserted" into the rectum, very far into the rectum, and water is shot through the tube and into the bowels to dislodge "things". The patient then has to hold the water in there as long as possible. When they "release" the water it comes shooting out along with "things".
So our good ol zookeeper was going to do this on the elephant. While standing behind it about to insert the tube, the laxatives took hold. Shit came shooting out and the force knocked the zookeeper backwards causing him to hit his head on the concrete and go unconcious. But the elephant did not move position or stop shitting(a few weeks worth!). The senceless employee suffocated under more than a few pounds of elephant dung.
Really happened, not shitting you

femme872 29F

9/30/2005 7:40 pm

HAHA thats funny.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/30/2005 9:21 pm

Not shitting me? All I remember is the guy that was trampled at the Pitt. zoo not one shit to death.

dasher121 36M

10/2/2005 4:52 pm

Then it must have been SanDiego or another incident at Pitt. I remember the one you are talking about.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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10/4/2005 8:28 pm

Yeah that was scary, all the guy did is fall down and the elephant freaked. I will stick with the flamingoes thank you very much.

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