i am just rambling  

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8/16/2006 2:57 pm

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i am just rambling

I first and formost apologize to anyone reading this english was not my best subject think the teacher passed me to get rid of me lol so i am sorry if the sentence structure and stuff makes it hard to read and for any misspelled words. But need some thing fixed I am all over it.

Lately I have been in a withdrawn mood from people for a few reasons, dealing with idiots for work but mostly because of doing some soul searching. when i get in this mood i see my self building up walls to keep others out. i have never been one to convey my feelings freely with others. Lot has to do with some where between what my mind thinks and what comes out of my mouth the signal gets mixed up and it don't seem to ever come out right to others and then it would seem like i start getting probing questions from the other. well thier is probing as in to help someone convey there feelings and then this is the one that makes me shut down faster than a greased pig on ice, probing that is trying to get the person to say what they want. Plus add the fact that I also have to feel comfortable with the person in the fact that they will not be judging, criticizing or think any less of me, cause when i am talking about my feelings I am doing that to my self and makes it worse if i have to worry about someone else doing it.
Allot of the thoughts I have had lately have been on how I have changed for the better but life don't seem to be getting better I really miss having someone to just hold Don't know why but cuddling up with someone when they cuddle you back just puts me in heaven and makes everything seem alright and worth while. I have always been the type that have liked the unspoken word of love the touch that makes your heart sing the look that makes you smile the kiss that tells you how much they love you. I think you get the point I love the body launge of a sincere partner. Not being able to find that when I need it the most is what has me down these days.

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8/18/2006 8:56 pm

((hugs)) loneliness is tough to deal with. Hang in there.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


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