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8/30/2005 9:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I had a man contact me last week from a friend's identity he requested a picture. I attempted to send one. It didn't go through so a couple of days longer we were able to meet online and he asked about a picture. I was finally able to get on to go through. His response was "I am attracted to small women". My profile tells you I am not small.

My response to him was to "%#^$ off" and he couldn't understand why I was pissed. Don't bother me if you can't read and if you aren't willing to get to know me. I am a good person. I support myself and I like me for me.

This happened another time when the man and I had met. One night on the phone out of the blue he told me he had problems doing somethings with "large" women. Here again.....he didn't read. I hung up on him after I told him that all his words about being fair to everyone were bull. We did work things out temporarily but those words weren't forgotten.

So get to know me first then decide whether or not you are attracted to me.

Leave me a comment, Please!!!!

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8/31/2005 3:45 am


overworkedloon 56M
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8/31/2005 7:22 am

Well, you have discovered several things about some men on here. One, they can't read, two they can't understand and three, they're insesative jerks. In other words they're the same as they are in the real world. Don't get discouraged. There are good guys on here. Some prefer big women, some think what's inside counts more than what's outside. Good luck and a big *hug* to you.

rm_inforsex4 57M
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8/31/2005 7:44 am

Hey only assholes worry about size, take someone for who and not what they are

spankieme 51F
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8/31/2005 8:29 am

I think you sound like a very strong woman someone out there enjoy that in you. good luck

noirfemme 44F

9/11/2005 12:25 pm

hang in there girl! Don't take it personally either...some like skinny waifs and others like vulptuous. They may be jerks, but you have to give them some credit for being honest...even though they should have read the doggone profile.

jclooking2005 45M
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9/12/2005 9:10 pm

don't let those guys bother you. Be who you are, do what you are comfortable with, and to hell with everybody else

rm_6tink9 65M
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2/19/2007 8:13 am

I see nothing wrong with u i think ur really sexy and hot. Would love to explore that body of urs.

rm_jbigshot67 67M
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3/11/2007 7:28 am

Big women are the best!Hang in there girl we are out the love you.

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