One of many things.....  

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9/23/2005 5:37 am

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One of many things.....

Why is it that some people can automatically make things a race issue when thing don't go the way they want? I'm not racist, I firmly believe that everyone deserves the same chance at things regardless of the amount of melatonin in their skin. But, when one race gets put on a pedastal because of something that happened a VERY long time ago, well, that's not equal rights. Example: My mother is a mother of five who was abused by her last husband. When she was finally able to get away from him, she went and applied for assistance from the state. At the same time, a black female came in, angry because they cut off her assistance due to her failure to keep her appointment. This lady was decked with gold rings, cell phone, new rims an her car. My mother was turned down for assistance. The lady was not.
This is not the only case of something like this that I have. For instance: you can go to jail for calling a black person a nigger, a word that means lazy and uneducated, but nothing is done when a white person is called a cracker or honky.
Yes slavery was horrible and blah blah blah, but, seriously, is anyone alive today that was alive back then? I don't think so. Black people are not the only people that have been slaves.

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4/25/2007 9:56 pm


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