Things that need to be said...  

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10/16/2005 1:33 pm

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Things that need to be said...

There are a few things that I would like to go over with this group. As
everyone knows, I typically don't "play" in the group. I usually just
hang out to party and socialize. However, I tend to see and hear
everything that goes on behind the scenes and frankly I'm getting a little
disgusted with the back stabbing in this group. So, I thought I would put
my thoughts and opinions out here for everyone to think about in hopes
that some of the negative traits about our group will correct

First, we need to cease the condom use talk. Everyone knows what the
risks and dangers are of not using a condom, however, it is the persons
involved in the act that have the right to make a decision to use one or
not. It is not up to anyone else in this group to play the parents in
order to change this. If you do want to use one that's your business. If
you don't want to use one, that's your business too. By no means is it
another group members right to correct the issue or talk about it with
others. In other words, mind your own business!

Second, we need to clarify some rules on touching people. If someone
touches you and you are not comfortable then tell them. I personally know
that just about everyone in our group will respect your wishes and
leave you be but if they don't there are plenty of others that will handle
the situation for you. There is no need to harp on this situation.
Everyone knows the rules but it does bring me to my next issue...

57 Heaven: Most of you know that I used to work there. So you should
know the risk that I take with hanging out with this group. The sad part
is that it shouldn't have to be a risk. Our group should be recognized
as just a group of friends that hang out every Friday and nothing more.
To date, the entire bar staff and the patrons know that we are a
swingers group. This infuriates me. There is way too much grabbing and
groping going on. Everyone knows that in a bar atmosphere there will be some
touching and making out but we have taken it way too far. Everyone is
touching everyone. We are hanging all over each other and putting on
such a show that the manager has gotten several complaints about us but
they donít want to lose the business so they tolerate it. I personally
have had the manager come to me and tell me about some of the complaints.
I am very surprised that we havenít been thrown out yet. 57 Heaven is
not a swingers club, itís a local bar for public and we should respect
that. If you want to feel up everyone then we should do so at a private

I am certain that this will piss off a few people but it needed to be
said. There are people in this group that are great people and they are
getting their feelings hurt and made to feel like they are not welcome
due to lack of respect and because others feel like they should play
the hero to peopleís problems. The bottom line is: Mind your own
business. If you donít care to associate with anyone person, then donít , but
donít try to make everyone feel like they shouldnít acknowledge those
people either.


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