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vast - you're pretty when you cry

here we go, installment number two, just 'cause i'm trying to stay awake while i'm waiting for something to finish cooking for an xmas party tomorrow. [insert eye-rolling here!] i am SO not domestic.


"Hello," he said lowly. Ronnie picked up a hint of an accent.
"Thanks again for the drink," Ronne blurted out. The feeling of clumsiness made her almost stutter. She turned away from him only for a second. Only long enough to notice his friends watching intently. Anger replaced her awkwardness and she turned, this time glaring.
"Its the least I could do. Listen..." he leaned his face in near her ear, his breath was hot on her suddenly chilled skin. She cut him off in mid-sentence.
"So, if you get my number does that mean you win some bet with your boys over there?"
The man pulled back and blinked, confused.
"What? I don't think I know what you mean."
"Well, it seems you are awfully interested in me. You don't even know me. You don't have to put up some show to prove how macho you are when it comes to picking up girls. I expected better from a grown man."
The man's eyes grew wide as he flushed with embarassment.
"No, wait. You don't understand! My name is Henry. You remember me from the conference this morning?"
As he fought to explain Ronnie paid her tab and turned to leave. Henry, it seems, was intent on blocking the way.
"Yeah I remember you," she smirked. "Must be why I'm such an easy target. You could pick me out of the crowd."
"No, please! I find you...just listen." He ran a hand through his hair, slightly fluffing it. Ronnie felt something melting away a bit of the anger. She softened her glare and sighed, standing up. Henry didn't budge, which meant that she was pressed against him. She put her hand up on his chest to push him away but lingered, feeling his heart beating underneath the semi-silky fabric. Was he nervous? Before she could do more he grabbed her hand and slid something in it.
"I think we should try this again. My name is Henry. I find you to be incredibly attractive and I don't normally do things like this so I am a bit nervous. My friends and I were just about to part ways and I was wondering if you would possibly like to spend some time with me before you leave town. If you are interested, come to my room in an hour."
Ronnie started to protest but found his mouth pressed against hers. She tried to pull back but his hand want to her jaw, holding her in place. He tasted like beer and something familiar. His lips were soft and pressed hard against hers, almost demanding. He pulled away, leaving both of them gasping.
"Please," he whispered and backed away, slowing turning from her. She stood in place only a moment and then made herself walk away, back toward her room. In her hand was Henry's room key.

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