tom petty - last dance with mary jane  

darkereyez 36F
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3/23/2006 4:52 pm

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4/17/2006 6:07 pm

tom petty - last dance with mary jane is life. i didn't realize it had been so long since i had posted here. there isn't much to update, really. i got invited to an orgy with my best friend and his girlfriend. she was sucking on my ear and asking me to come with them. i wanted to. ooohhh how i wanted to, although being with a girl isn't my thing, i can compromise.

my medication that had originally all but killed my sex drive has done a complete 360. i now have QUITE the sex drive and i'm constantly wet, which is a nice change from my pre-med days where i couldn't get wet at all. then again maybe i'm just finally getting the right stimulation *insert a naughty smile here*

i wish my lovely spouse would learn something about planning don't do it. or if you're going to plan sex, don't bring it up every five seconds like its a vital part of the itinerary. urgh. i know we don't see each other often due to work schedules but christ, even if you DO plan it just stop bringing it up all the time 'cause all it does is piss me off. *sigh* i need to go talk dirty with a friend of mine. i'll see you kids later.

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