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darkereyez 36F
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4/11/2006 6:54 pm
music: *blissful silence*

spoke to my doctor about my lack-of-orgasm/arousal problem that has, as of late, resurfaced. he prescribed yohimbine, which is an herbal supplement used for men. a. i'm female. b. its not recommended for ppl with mental disorders or people that suffer from depression. um....i'm on antidepressants! i'm not sure what he was thinking. anyway i had to take it three times a day.

i made it a week and got violently ill saturday night, showing almost all of the symptoms of an OD from yohimbine use. so here's what makes me angry...not the yohimbine problem (like the increased hot temper, the dialated eyes, the super increase in migraines...) but the fact that, as i was violently ill saturday night i was in bed for a few hours, writhing in pain and alone. (my husband works third shift and my other 'party' was not aware of what was going on). at some point i crawled to the toilet, threw up (oh i know this is so sexy...), crawled to the shower, passed out for a small amount of time, then crawled back to bed. naturally when crawling back to bed, the place where clothes is kept is a little out of the way. at least at my residence. so i went back to bed in the nude, highly unusual for me. husband comes home in the morning, curls up in bed with me for a nap (the usual sunday ritual) and gets aroused at the fact that i'm nude in bed. i got so pissed off!!! not because he was aroused, but the fact that he was aroused AFTER i told him i was sick and felt like part of my soul had shrivelled up and died and the ONLY reason i was naked was because i was not capable of dressing myself. so what do i get? a 'poor baby' and a half-erection pressed against my ass. *smirk* great, just what i needed to make me feel better.

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