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dj tiesto - touch me

well hello hello. i hope everyone is having a lovely evening. here's the last installment of the story until i finally get around to finishing it.

He slid a finger between her moist lips. She let out a soft sigh as he stroked her clit. He rubbed her gently only twice before she started to struggle against him. She wanted to taste his skin, feel his bare chest against hers.
"Not Yet," he moaned as he grinded into her again; his bare hand between them causing him to rub her clit harder. She shuddered and let out a whimper. Henry then used his second finger, lightly rubbing her clit until he felt her shake. He then slid both fingers into her pussy. They slid in with ease, she was practically soaking wet. Much to his delight she nearly yelled out, arching her back against the wall. He kissed down the hollow of her neck, occasionally flicking his tongue across her paddid flesh. During all this he pressed his fingers deep inside her, puled almost completely out, then pressed in again, painfully slow.
Ronnie's legs were shaking, she felt her knees getting weak. As Henry worked between her legs she could feel the tension building. She strugled against his hand to free hers but he only gripped her tighter. She arched her back and begged.
"Please...please let go..of my hands." Her breath came in short gasps. Henry ripped at the cleaveage exposed from her blouse before pressing his forehead against hers. He began pumping her faster and muttered, as he planted small kisses on her cheeks, "Are you going to come for me, love?"
Ronnie could only squirm underneath his touch. She bit her lip, squeezed her eyes shut and nodded. As soon as she began to feel the tingling at the base of her spine he pulled away from her. She didn't realize just how much he was supporting her until she started to sink to the floor.
Suddenly cut off from what she was positive was going to be the greatest orgasm of her life, she let out a surprised gasp.
Henry grabbed her, hoisting her back up against the wall, this time with her skirt completely up around her waist. He wrapped her legs around his hips as she grabbed him by two handfuls of hair and kissing him as hard as she could manage. As she pulled back she could feel the jeans, moreso the bulge in the jeans, pressing outside of her pussy. She took both hands and forcefully pushed Henry back. He looked at her, startled as he almost dropped her on the floor. She was prepared, of course and before he could protest she grabbed him by the collar of the shirt and pulled. Buttons popped into the air as his shirt made a ripping noise.
"Have you lost your mind, woman? That shirt was worth a hundred dollars!"
"So is mine," Ronnie winked and ripped her shirt open as well, exposing her breasts, barely held in by a black bra.


ok, well that's it. i'm sorry if the typing is sorta shitty. i'm a little stonedso i'm not really paying too much attention. heh. ok, i'm going to go to bed now. much love, everyone. hope you all had a merry christmas, a happy yule, kwanza,channukah...whatever. just hope you had a good time off from work, really.

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