Happy Birthday to Great Sex!!!  

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1/9/2006 6:36 am

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Happy Birthday to Great Sex!!!

Have you ever had great sex? I mean, mind-blowing(amongst other things) unrestricted, no holds barred sex? Great! Wonderful! I hope. Now, did you fall in love with him or her? Or were you already emotionally involved when it happened?

See, I believe that the best sex doesn't just involve the organs and the body. It really does start in the head or should I say the upper head. There are chemicals in the brain that can greatly enhance the pleasures you experience elsewhere. But the brain has to be involved to get those chemicals out there. So instead of feeling and falling with your heart until it is safe to do that, let your brain care for both of you. Your brain will make sure you can trust your partner enough to give up all your inhibitions, full comfortable completely surrendering your body and know that your partner is going to take care of both of you and make sure you both get up happy and satisfied. Did that sound clinical to you? Anyway, it takes time and getting to know each other. Now, how do you accomplish this without becoming so good of friends that sex could screw things up, especially if the intention is to tap the well more than once? In other words, have you ever repeatedly had great sex with a good friend and it never changed the friendship?

Now don't get me wrong! I've had some pretty impressive one night stands. I never spend a holiday or a birthday alone. Thank you Larry, Brian and Anthony! I've had some of those stands last two or three days or through two or three sessions. Cudos Robert, Michael and Jeff. But these don't count because they were bar acquaintances or just pals, nothing but good sex. But to go for months or even years having great sex and maintaining a great friendship at the same time? No jealousy, no falling in love and no falling apart? Perhaps you now realize that it is not a regular occurrence.

Well, one of mine,yes I'm a lucky bastard amongst other things, it is his birthday and I just wanted to spend some time with him in flashbacks since it can't be in person and you get to share in some of the memories.

John is a hottie! 6'2", maybe 175 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, mustache, sexy as hell. He worked across the street where they use to race cars. A macho redneck type. So I was surprised when he confessed he was bisexual. Yes, honey, anyone can get some of that. I've had a lot of luck with bisexual men but that can wait for another day. By the way, I've been out as gay since I was twelve. Ain't no shame in my game baby. But anyway, two days later he and his girlfriend were at my house. She played both sides of the fence as well. Ground rules were set and the next day he was there alone.

This was probably one of the best friendships I've had in my life. We both like to drink, to party, to have sex, to wrestle, to get phucked up.(I wasn't sure I could get away with the correct spelling.) We talked a lot about everything. And the sex! Lord Have mercy!

I won't get too graphic, but with the exception of his tattoo, his body was made with me in mind! Hot little ass, nice chest with just a little hair around the nipples, luscious armpits,(that's one of my fetishes) and a lovely happy trail leading to ecstasy. That's all I'm telling you until he gives me permission. Like me, he was uninhibited, romantic, slightly kinky, and very sexual. We were so so sexually compatible, there were no bad occasions between us.

And he got better over time! He became a better kisser. He became more reciprocal and care more about the other person's satisfaction. I remember the night we went at it in the ladies room at one of our favorites bars. That was actually the first time he ever completed what he started with a man if you know what I mean. Of course John usually took women into the ladies room. That was of course after he had split up from his girlfriend. And I had nothing to do with that. Hell, I paid a hooker to sleep with him once. He insisted I watch. So now I know what I've been missing... strange smells and saggy, wrinkled tits. No offense ladies. I'm sure that was just an isolated incident. But I will stick with what I'm familiar with... strange smells, wrinkled balls and hanging dicks. For a while he even stayed with me and one of the true loves of my life. Another complicated story taking away from the birthday boy. We did anything and everything to each other, anywhere as long as there had been three days between me and anyone else. Body shots at the bars, sex in the car, sex on the trunk or on the hood in parking lots. We were the dynamic duo, no limits. Hell, we were fun to be around rather you just watched or was part of the fun.

I just want to say thank you John for being you, for being a part of my life and to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I miss you but the ways are on the card I sent. I have a special candle you can blow later. John, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being my friend and one of the many reasons there is lust in my heart.

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