the power and loss of touch..  

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4/17/2006 9:52 am
the power and loss of touch..

*something i wrote a few days ago..for another blog..thought i would share it here as well*

these days.. does anyone else feel the shift..? i feel it in many things.. but the shift im thinking of right now.. is relationships.. i had a class yesterday.. and in my text book it gave a small summary on the power of touch..

"The skin is so much more than an external covering. It is a highly
sensitive boundary between our body and the environment. It offers
protection, heat exchange, vitamin syntheses, waste removal and serves
as a membrane of interfacing. We can survive without sight, taste,
smell, or hearing, but to lose our sense of touch would leave us
walled off from our environment and from contact with others.

Touch offers us a sense of nourishment and a feeling of belonging. The
need for touch intensifies during periods of stress and cannot be
addressed without the participation of another person. Without touch,
we experience profound psychological pain. If massage does nothing
more than nurture the human race through touch, our profession will be
providing a great service. Scientific research shows it does that and

i find touch a difficult thing.. i find the lack of touch a difficult thing.. these days.. it seems that more and more of our relationships are being conducted via email, text messages, and quick posts on forums and bulletin boards..
maybe its going back to a time that was simpler.. like the days of letter writing..

the differences i see are in those days.. letters were usually written to get news or touch base with someone you were unable to see .. usually due to a distance.. today.. i think we use the electronic type for the same.. only today.. the distance isnt usually physical.. but more mental.. or emotional.. not saying it is not also used to cover the distances.. *thats a whole other thing*.. but i chat, email, and message my boyfriend more than i see him, and really we 'talk' more there than in person.. i message back and forth with my friend rebecca.. and we live in the same house.. i am not really sure if it means anything.. or maybe it touches on everything that is happening in the world today..

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