the cracked mirror..  

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10/10/2005 7:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the cracked mirror..

my body is here.. but im..not.. slightly off and to the right.. do you feel that.. its amazing..everything is vibrating.. What was that..? i can feel the air.. i can see it.. such.. an odd feeling.. such an odd thing.. Did you hear that..?

laughing and playing.. why am i afraid.. have to come back.. need to be me .. got to get back inside.. stop looking thru my eyes.. i dont want to see thru yours.. its not real.. its only an illusion.. you are not really seeing me.. only a reflection.. amplified by your own designs.. the mirror you see.. its cracked.. I hate this feeling.. but its not broken..

things are closing in.. im feeling not sure i can breathe.. i have been here before.. i was happy.. i was free.. now the world has shifted.. it is dark..and i am scared.. i have been here before.. i dont remember. i cant remember..i wont remember.. you cant help me.. please dont hurt me.. i dont like it here..

i need to be smaller.. get back inside.. i dont like it here.. this is fun.. i love it.. no i dont.. who are you ..? who am i..? where are we.. what is this place..? the doors are creaking.. slowly opening.. quickly slamming.. never knowing.. who is looking thru.. there are no locks... it wouldnt matter.. randomly picking and stepping thru.. never knowing who..

pain is pleasure..pleasure..has become pain.. things are there.. i can almost see them.. i dont like it here.. its time to and vanish.. you dont see me here.. hows that laughing..someones crying.. why can you not hear.. ?

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