sometimes.. i take a step back.. and.. breathe..  

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2/7/2006 9:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

sometimes.. i take a step back.. and.. breathe..

attempting to just let things happen.. smiles.. yes i have started seeing someone.. and yes.. i have known him(yep a guy) for awhile.. part of me..does question the why of it all.. shrugs.. i mean.. why date one person.. well.. i suppose then.. you are only trying to go around tieing your heart up with one person.. instead of several..

That was happening to me.. alot.. i kept telling myself.. there were no strings.. but i kept later finding them attatched at the oddest places.. or with the oddest people.. and now.. i have trimmed back my list greatly.. shrugs.. for me.. its odd.. but.. i knew when deciding to date him.. thats how it would be.. On a plus.. girls are still good to go..*big thumbs up* cause.. really.. it could not be anyother way.. laughs.. hmm..

Ya.. so im just tryin to let things.. flow.. and so far.. i dont feel trapped.. or like im gonna go nuts.. *except for the damn cold i got again* grr.. but even that..not so the grand scheme of things.. im feelin more like life is coming back into a balance.. the balance these days though... does involve..alot more laundry.. laughs..

and.. im sooo not gonna complain about the sex i have been having.. do you know how long its been ..that i could say "wow, im really so sore from having so much sex..that i dont think i could handle any more today..maybe not even tomorrow!" yes.. i was amazed.. and did take a day off.. laughs..

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