my trip thru the flight..told in a few stolen  

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12/29/2005 10:14 pm

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my trip thru the flight..told in a few stolen

thought..while i could .. i would sneak on here..i would tell a bit more about my trip.. well.. i worked wed nite.. and remembered that i had forgotten a few things.. so after work.. i go back to the place i live to get my stuff i had forgotten.. well.. i couldnt find part of it.. got stuck in a conversation.. sooo.. back over to karens.. to actually pack my suitcase.. its.. ohh.. 334am.. and i have to be *supposedly * at the airport by 5am latest.. *laughs..* soooo karen made us some coffee and a quick bite to eat.. her cats n dogs.. were..kinda insistant on helping me to pack.. laughs.. *and i have the scratches to prove it..* soooo finally get packed up.. eat.. changed. all that good stuff.. and.. sittin..talkin to karen.. a few of my things.. ended up having to go..partially wet into my borrowed suitcase..laughs.. because.. it was.. ohhh.. about 515.. screams..

thankfully karen drives fast..and knew where i needed to be.. we got to the last call for checkin..where they told me ..i may already be to late.. turned in my bag.. karen walked me to the shuttle..and.. gulps.. i had to finish it up alone.. yes..yes.. im a chicken.. new things..terrify me. but.. i still try to do a new thing..every so often.. shrugs.. but.. i hug karen..and get on the shuttle.. go thru the lines.. where i take off my shoes.. put all my stuff in the bag.. its a good thing that nipple rings dont make the buzzer go off.. but..everything else went into a little grey bin.. i step thru.. grab my stuff..put on my shoes.. and get to my gate.. just in time..

was kinda cool actually..because..i didnt have time to wait around and possibly panic.. sooo.. i get on the plane.. heart beating.. trying to remember to breath.. i close my eyes.. and picture ..happy fun things.. that make me smile.. i have had some recently that were on my mind.. in my mind i pictured dancing in the kitchen.. and kissing under the christmas tree.. laughs.. so it was good.. and then.. they came down the isle with drinks.. hello wine..!!and..after that.. i was less nervous.. the wine..wasnt bad really.. enjoyed it.. talked with the pharmasist next to me for a bit.. dozed for a few..then watched the clouds.. awesome sight.. i do think.. flying..would be more fun.. with someone you know.. shrugs..

ps..airports.. all seem to be airports.. no matter where ya go.. and..its cold here.. i should have brought a scarf and a hat..maybe i will buy one.. shrugs.. and..i think..more and more.. i just may have ..a slight romantic side.. now..where is the one..who is both romantic..and firm.. smiles. hugs.. kisses n

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