intense with undertones..  

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9/16/2005 10:18 pm

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intense with undertones..

dream lately of dark things.. blades glinting in the light.. sharp, cold edges trailing along my skin.. followed by hot lips.. bound up tightly.. growls and sharp teeth.. sighs.. there is more.. but it is hazy..and not quiet ready to be written..

What do you want? such an easy question.. so very hard to answer... and the answer a friend gave.. I want what I can not have.. (or maybe i paraphrase).. i have heard this answer before.. and i have thought the same thing.. but why do we always want what is not going to happen.. are we stuck in that ..? then again..the things i want.. funny..but i find them.. in odd places.. *i am afraid..* with odd people.. * i feel odd desires*.. i went to see a friend again.. almost midnite i left.. i realized..i was exhausted..and driving slowly.. it took.. forever to get there... and why did i go.. *shrugs* no easy answer there.. *and laughs at myself..* probably the same reason i will not go back for awhile.. i enjoy spending time with him.. even when no sex is involved.. he excites me.. there is an intensity to him.. What do you mean by intensity..? that i cant even begin to describe on here.. as i do not understand it myself.. enjoy it..? yes.. i do.. dont over think it.. not.. sighs.. its a game i play..i think more with myself than with anyone else.. i flirt.. meet .. talk to ..random people.. there really is no ..rhyme or reason to it.. why i talk to one..and not another..*shrugs..* timing..maybe.. i have random relationships.. that are not even .. with some .. i have casual sex.. i fuck.. i talk for hours.. i break up what would normally be in one relationship.. with many.. safer that way..yes..? who knows.. safe.. im..not .. liking..that..word..

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