am i dreaming..  

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1/7/2006 8:33 am

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am i dreaming..

fingers brush across my body ... lightly trailing.. hot breath in my ear.. whispers barely heard.. shh.. dont open your eyes... dont move.. just feel..

lightly.. so very lightly.. i can barely feel it..
only making the feeling ever so much more intense.. whispers.. low and deep.. words.. lost in rumble..

the caressing seems to be never ending..
drifting in and out of consiousness..
dreams and reality twisting.. becoming one..
hands are bound now.. lips touching mine..
kisses .. mixing .. becoming more ..
teeth lightly biting.. teasing.. harder.. tugging..

my body pulls away.. and pushes closer all at once.. wanting more.. not being able to handle the intensity.. you are everywhere.. my neck.. your teeth sink in.. biting down my shoulder.. across my collar bone.. the heat from your body.. touching me everywhere..

drifting again.. as gentleness comes back..
teasing me into relaxing more and more..
and in my dreams.. dark things.. call me..
whispering .. inviting.. and i follow..
hands are pinching lightly.. harder.. painfully..
teeth tugging on my breast.. nipple rolled around.. bitten harder.. pinched harder..
my body rocks.. begging with out words..
pain and pleasure mixing..
tears in my eyes.. breath catching..

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