a reaction to a test of a sexual nature..  

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7/4/2006 11:27 am

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a reaction to a test of a sexual nature..

It was like instant mouth watering and wetness. *I had to laugh at myself a bit* because they are just pics. I can’t believe how small things like that can have such an effect on me. I have been avoiding some situations to try to limit getting overly turned on. I am such a sexual person by nature. I haven’t had sex since before I broke up with my ex.

A friend or two have told me that I should just masturbate more often. My question to you then is how often is enough? For me it seems the more I masturbate the hornier I am. There have been several times during the past week where I have felt the pulses of orgasm without any outside stimulation or with stimulation from an average situation. It just comes over me.

And while they are not so large as to make me fall over in fits of moaning, they happen so at random that they take my breath away. On Sunday while at a convention a friend ran a vibrating wand up and down my back. It shot straight through me, and I felt myself go hot all over and become instantly wet. I was actually embarrassed because I hadn't expected anything like that. And really had to steady myself. Then awhile later while standing in a section picking out books it started happening again, with no one around and no stimulation at all. I was kneeling down on the floor reading titles and had to grab the shelf. It passed quickly, but the whole way home conversation didn’t help my blood to cool off.

I ended up staying home rather than going out dancing. I was sure that would only lead to trouble. *laughs* Also every conversation I have seems to be so extremely sexual even when talking about the absolutely ordinary. Then again, my conversations are rarely that ordinary.

Again, last night as I was driving in the car, out of nowhere I felt my body start pulsing. My eyes had trouble staying open, my head rolled back, and my arms tightened on the steering wheel. I couldn’t stop myself. I started coming while driving down the interstate. I am only glad there were no cars right next to me, I am sure I must have swerved. I had to stop and relax for a bit at a friends coffee house before I felt ok to drive home.

My dreams are becoming sexual again as well. I have woken up swollen and sensitive several times recently. I can’t remember my dreams all that well but I know they were sexual in nature because of my body’s response. Sex happens sometimes at random, even alone.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

7/4/2006 12:10 pm

While this is bothersome, most women complain that their problem is the inability to have an orgasm.

My suggestion... with regard to masturbation, don't go for quantity, go for quality. Do everything you can, be it technique, fantasy, time of day, etc. to make the orgasm very strong. My theory is, the stronger the orgasm, the more satisfied you will be.

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Lady Bambi

naaitime 50M
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7/5/2006 6:33 am

I think you put a finger on (pardon me) the way I feel a lot of times and probably this is how men feel in general. Of course I can be reading a book - as you described - and there it goes assuming the position again! The answer is not more masturbation but enjoying the feeling when it arises (oops again) and take the time to reflect on what is possible.

Have a great day, remember it is what it is

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