Hows the abstinence going..? a friend asked..  

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1/7/2006 2:13 am

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Hows the abstinence going..? a friend asked..

laughing.. as he knows me.. so i told was going well.. really only one real 'mishap' so to the last few weeks.. and that was before i went home.. I had felt .. a bit bad about it at first.. feeling ..rather with out will power.. untill i realized.. the guy.. had been a romantic sweet guy.. *not really used to..* and his 'game' laughs.. had been totally different.. so different.. just kind of swept me away.. I really had no defenses for that type ..

"Do you like him then, as more than a friend..?" wow..that one is hard to answer.. at first.. I thought he was cute.. interersting..but..nothing really more than a cool guy friend.. and then ..that nite i was instantly feeling the full effects of a crush.. laughs at self..

the wow kind of just happy to look at them.. feeling the strong desire to see him again.. to touch him again.. to kiss him again.. all with instant replays in just a thought..and then even the "crushed" feeling of dissappointment.. when you dont talk or see each other.. as life.. just happens.. laughs..

I find it amazing how quickly a crush can fall onto you ..when you are unsuspecting.. Laughs..and im sure..while the nite seemed almost magical.. the sangria..and twinkling lights helped.. but.. time and reason also followed quickly behind.. laughs..

It was a new and fun experience.. to be filed in the fond memories i smile over bin.. I really need to learn to play poker and chess again.. get back into the strategy of it all..

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