Answers to some of the questions i get about who i am..  

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7/5/2006 5:15 am

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Answers to some of the questions i get about who i am..

(i grabbed this from my older posts and updated it a bit for those who have been curious about me)

Have you ever spent a night sitting on the beach looking at the ocean? The patterns of the waves swirl around endlessly changing. Its powerful, it’s beautiful and it can be calm or raging. Kind of unpredictable at times but always there. It has its very own unique beauty. Some of which is seen on the outside, while some requires diving into the depths. Care for a swim..?

I am having such a good time these days. I do believe that I am living my life more everyday. It is amazing that everyday I am learning more and more. I have been learning what I want, who I am, and what I like. I have really been looking at my hopes, desires, dreams, goals, and fantasies. It took me years to get to this place, this feeling. I love it. I love the exploring. I love knowing. I enjoy that I control where I am and where im going. I am asked often to tell a bit about myself. What makes me, who I am pretty much. I have to laugh a bit at that one. We all want to know before even talking to someone all of these things, but is really that easy of a thing to describe. Can you truly know someone from a conversation? No, I do not think you can ever fully know anyone, as we constantly change and evolve. The learning is a good bit of the fun.

Me in a nut shell... At first glance “Ahh, she’s a cute little thing, kind of timid” I am 5'2, shortish hair, not thin, not fat, more curvy and filled out. I have a cute face with a button nose and hazel eyes. I have a sweet attitude and at times, I smile a lot. I could be anyone. Also mixed in with this sweetness, when you peel me down a bit. There are my tats to be seen that are all about balance. My few piercings that I have left. You start seeing my very basic, very raw desires. Im a ball of constant energy some good and some bad. It just mixes in me...

Next, there is my voice. I have a soft, sweet voice. I have had people call and ask to speak to my mom (so I give them her #). In the softness, if you listen, you hear more of who I am. I had a friend tell me that he could get off to me reading him the grocery list. I had to laugh at that one, but for some I suppose it is true. I have a voice that people can stop listening to but still hear. I tend to be quiet in new situations and can come across as shy, nervous, or even uptight. My voice tends to get even quieter when I am feeling uncertain.

I have a brain and it works well. I think a lot about things that interest me. I am interested in conversations and learning. I am a geek. I have a love for sci-fi fantasy, things spiritual, artistic creative things, helping others. I do not really talk about politics a lot, laughs but I could. I have my beliefs in everything. I let others have theirs. Most find me to be a good friend. Some find me to be more. My appeal is not for everyone (whose is?). I think my appeal is best appreciated by someone who has a taste for something a bit different. It is not in any one spot. I am best taken as a whole.

Fleshgordon13 43M

7/8/2006 1:00 pm

Garner hope,
garner wisdom,
such beauty realized in peripheral glance.
You are the Sun,
you are a planet,
Fortuna's blessing on tip toed tango's grace.
The ocean purrs, rattles,
crackles and wails.
Tenderly, you are beauty.

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