Too tired to shag!  

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Too tired to shag!

Well boys and girls, I am too tired to get busy so I will turn on the computer instead - and it is only mid-week! What did you think of my first post? Should I go ahead and try to live this one out or leave it as a fantasy?

If you have any questions you would like to ask me fire them away. It is always interesting to see what people ask in the anonimity of AdultFriendFinder.

Havethelot2 64M

8/28/2005 12:47 pm

This is my reply to your first post from me. I hope you dont mind the reply but I had fun writing the reply
Nervously I knocked on the door. Not knowing who was going to open the door made me excited, nervous and very aware of my tingling body.
The door slowly opened and the silhouette of her body with the soft light behind her took my breath away. The light shone gently through her hair framing her head in a halo. She looked angelic.
Without saying a word she stepped forward. Her eyes were big round and I was lost in their beauty. Luckily for me she knew what she wanted and without saying a word she reached out and gently but forcefully pulled me into the room. While still drowning in her eyes I became aware she was wearing nothing but her stockings. She was exquisite. Her breasts were beautiful to behold and I just wanted to take them gently in my mouth and roll the nipple between my lips until it was taut and tingling for her. Her body was like I’d never seen before. Gentle curves leading my eyes down to where I knew for both of us was going to be an area to be gently explored, tasted, and used for mutual satisfaction. Unconsciously I felt her hands gently tugging at my belt, while I tried my best to show indifference I could feel through the urgency of her hands she wanted to free me of my inhibitions but also wanted to play with me and tease me to ensure it was going to be good for both of us. Looking into her eyes I could see she was also nervous and I sensed for her this might also the first time she had done this with a stranger. Looking at her nipples I could see she was excited and when she slowly slid to her knees she knew from my face and my body that she was in control. My manhood was now straining to be released from my boxers but she delayed by running her nails up my thighs, gently cupping my buttocks and then running them down again. How I wanted her to just grab me and in doing so tell me that she recognised my need. But she was better than that, she knew all about control and how to make the tension build. Just as I was about to collapse with the suspense waiting for her to gently slip her mouth over my cock she turned her head slightly and ran her teeth down the length of my shaft. I was now trembling and only wanted her place her warm moist lips on the head and lick it gently with her tongue. I was hard, ready to explode but again she delayed, knowing she was building me up all the while increasing her own anticipation of the taste and feeling she was about to experience. Using her hands she gently rolled it between her hands. I could see she was subtly getting the feel of the length long but not too long and thick to ensure that she could enjoy it without distress or concern. I could imagine in her head she was planning the exact moment she would allow me to feel more of her body but for now she was in charge and I was being played to her tune.
Placing her hand around me she slowly started to milk it to see the small tear drops forming at the end of my shaft. I did not want her to stop, but I wanted her to stop teasing and put her lips over the head and lick the drops off as they formed. I realised she was stoking slowly each time almost stopping. Please I begged “Don’t stop”. I wanted to explode but she was in control and was eking out the pleasure for both of us. Then she did it. She took my straining member and slowly but surely put her mouth around I could feel the warmth of her mouth and the flick of her tongue as she drew it deeper and deeper into her throat. I had such an intense feeling and started to grind my hips trying to get deeper and deeper. Feeling her hands behind my legs she was guiding me to move with her rhythm as my shaft started to build and I felt I was about to explode even though I wanted it to last. Sensing my agony and my ecstasy she slowly started to remove her mouth whispering”not yet babe”. Slowly I realised she wanted more and while in one way I wanted release I wanted to show her that I too could be in control. Then without any warning she grasped my turgid rod and swallowed it as far as she could stroking my cock in and out of her mouth until I could take it no more and exploded into her throat. With a cheeky grin she licked me clean not wanting to waste a drop. Turning she headed to wards the bed rolling her hips in a wanton manner that told me now perhaps it was going to be my turn to be in control.
She lay back on the bed and watched me as I slowly removed the rest of my clothing.

She lay back on the bed as I gazed excitedly like a school boy with a new toy at her body. She squirmed wanting me to touch her but now I was in control and she had to wait for me. Gently I pulled her back to frame her face and gently licked the nape of her neck slowly running my tongue up to her ear lobe while quietly whispering ”do you want my tongue in other places.” “Oh, fuck . . that feels ssoooooooooo good!” she said wondering how soon I was going to get to where she wanted. Slowly I inched my way down her body paying attention to the different erogenous zones I knew existed but others often ignored. Slowly licking her inner arms I fleetingly passed my tongue over her nipples as I moved from one side to another. All the while I was slowly and carefully rubbing my hand up and down behind her knees and the back of her thighs. By now she was writhing and just as she had me wanting fulfilment earlier I now had her wanting more to happen. Slowly and ever so slowly I inched my tongue down over her body enjoying the smell and the slight tang of perspiration that was starting to form on her body. I licked prodded and flitted my tongue down her body until past the honeypot she so wanted me to plunge my tongue into. I gently licked around each ankle and then slowly inserted her toes one by one into my mouth simulating her previous action she had completed on me. Then slowly ever so slowly I licked every square inch of her thighs until the musky odour of her was infiltrating my nostrils. Using a firm ploy I pushed her legs apart and then placed my tongue on her while she emitted a long low groan. This is what she wanted. The feel of my tongue as it rested on her clit. She waited expectantly as I slowly inserted my tongue in as deep as I could and then started long slow strokes completely licking her in the folds up to her hotspot and then back down again. Her hips started to push upward as she strove to get my tongue into the places where she knew she would get the most pleasure when my tongue touched her with its warm feeling. My god she was wet. I was drowning in the taste and the feeling of her striving to get into rhythm with my tongue. To help her maintain her tempo she pushed down hard on my head with her hands holding my head and tongue firmly in place while she rocked her way toward the release she wanted. Uttering a guttural groan she convulsed as my tongue brought her the first orgasm she wanted. She then grabbed my head again and I could tell she was used to experiencing multiple orgasms and therefore I continued licking caressing and using long deep strokes with my tongue pushed her through the barrier others often cannot breakthrough to achieve her second orgasm for the night.

Looking up, smiling, my face wet with her juices. “Fuck me, baby” she whispered, “Fuck me!” She lay back, legs spread wide. While I was giving a tongue lashing I hope she would not forget in a hurry, my cock had recovered and was now wanting to feel her pussy around it. As she spread her legs and waited for me to enter her shaved, soaking pussy I could feel my cock was not going disappoint either of us. By this time I knew the sort of woman she was. She wanted to be in control but was also willing to lead the way as she was now demonstrating by opening her legs indicating she was ready for me to give her the cock she had been waiting for. The appetiser was good but nothing beats the main course. Kneeling between her legs I savoured again the musky odour while placing the head of my cock at her opening slowly stroking it up and down the lips and just occasionally pushing against the entrance until she started to rock in time with my actions. Slowly we gained tempo neither of wanting to speak until with a gentle but firm push I slid it in as far as I could. I heard her gasp as her pussy tightened in response to the feeling of my manhood sliding in and out of her. She rose up to take it as far as she could and the feeling of her pushing against me in the way that experienced lovers can was slowly but surely bringing me to edge again. I could feel my balls smacking firmly against her ass as I with each stroke I seemed to be swallowed more and more by her.
Knowing that she wanted to be truly fucked I swung her around to the scissor position from behind where I could also reach her clit and tits and massage them to keep her fires burning with in her. The feel of my hand on her clit and the feel of my cock as it slid in and out was starting to reignite the passion she felt before and I could sense the start of another orgasm about to begin. My cock was hard, very hard and I knew that if she wanted to ride me she would get the release she wanted. Without saying a word we change positions so that she was riding my cock all the while watching my face and seeing the enjoyment I was getting out of it. Arching my hips I thrust as deep as I could but was told just lie there and enjoy the ride because she loved this position being in control and grinding her pelvis so that her clit was being massaged and allowing her to control the depth of my cock inside her. Often she would tease by swinging her nipples to within millimetres of my lips so that my tongue could flick them all the while adding to her passion.

She was getting close to her fourth orgasm when she sensed I was getting close and without a moments hesitation grabbed my balls in her hand squeezing gently to stop me from coming. She had one last position she wanted. Doggy Style. It was spectacular to see her exposed in front of me and I rammed my cock home as deep as I could. Each time I did she would gasp a little as the head of my cock just touched the neck of her womb letting her know I was deep, hard, and she was being well fucked. This was fantastic and
I was close. I started to lose control as I thrust deeply into her when I felt her reach behind her to grasp my balls so she could feel me as I jerked and began to cum, spilling my juices into her as hard as I could I sensed she was also cumming.

We collapsed, exhausted and very satisfied. I left her there, freshly fucked, leaking and just wearing a wicked smile and stockings.

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

9/8/2005 5:34 am

Thanks, Haventhelot2 - I love the way you told that - you obviously know what a woman wants! Yum! I had a little play while reading it and had a lovely cum, so thank you!

Havethelot2 64M

9/11/2005 10:24 pm

Not a problem
Hope you will enjoy the train trip I had which will be writing soon.
I must admit to a tingling in the balls and stirring while reading your reply.
Anyway on to the next chapter.

Havethelot2 64M

9/12/2005 3:53 am

The train pulled into the station. It was the night train between Auckland and Wellington. One I had traveled several times and each time I hoped I would have a trip I would not forget.
Getting on the train I could see the carriage was filling up. I selected a seat at the end of the carriage where if my dreams were to come true there would be the possibility of not being easily seen by the guard as they came through checking tickets after each stop.
I spread out on the double seat and pretended to be asleep to stop the ‘wrong’ person sitting next to me. In my head I could see her. Medium height, largish breasts, exciting lips, and wearing jeans so tight they left nothing to the imagination.
Slowly the train pulled away from the station and the seat remained empty. While disappointed I thought there are more stops and hoped one station would provide what I was wanting.
As the train picked up speed and gently rocked from side to side I noticed her sitting in the seat across the aisle. She was looking out the window but trying not to lean against the person who was seated next to her. I wonder I thought.
Leaning across I asked her if she would like the window seat as I had completed the trip several times and looking at the countryside bathed in moonlight was not of any particular interest to me. She said she would like to and moved across to the window seat.
Now I could see her silhouette in the window. Her hair was tucked up in a knot on her head and I realized if it was to be let down it would reach the middle of her back. Her eyes invisible in the light glistened as if she was remembering something sad that may have recently happened to her. While the carriage was heated it was still slightly cold and she had kept her jacket pulled tightly around her but even then I could see the outline and imagine the sight of her breasts which would be firm to touch but even firmer to the tongue.
As the trip progressed the rocking of the train lulled me into a light sleep. As I was swaying with the carriage I felt a hand being placed on my thigh. I opened one eye as I did not want to startle her if she was nodding off but to my surprise I saw she was watching me intently. Was this it I thought? As if still asleep I slumped down in the seat and splayed my legs giving her easy access to me if she wanted. Slowly I felt her hand creep up my leg until he was massaging me and obviously enjoying the feeling of my cock as it grew. Through my jeans she ran her hand over me and between my legs with long slow strokes all the while watching my face intently for any sign of enjoyment. I could hardly stand the teasing that was happening. Then I noticed that with her other hand she was simultaneously stroking herself and gently writhing obviously feeling the same stirrings I was.
As time passed I was straining to release myself from my jeans and wondered how I could do this when I realized she had stopped. Opening my eyes I saw her looking at me.
“I have a blanket in the locker” she said. “Don’t go away I’ll be back.”
She got up from her seat and I could see her nipples were hard and her jacket and blouse had been unbuttoned so she could show me what I could look forward to.
Returning to the seat with the blanket she placed it over us and looking into my eyes said “I want to cum tonight on this train and you are going to make me cum.”
Nodding nervously I agreed when I felt her hand gently pulling my face down to her breasts. I gently licked her nipples and running my tongue around in ever increasing circles I used the complete surface of my tongue to lick her breasts especially the underneath which was very sensitive to my tongue. I could feel her start to moan and writhe in the seat. Feeling my way with my hands I grabbed at the jeans and pulled them down to expose the most beautifully trimmed pussy I had ever seen. This was possible as she had raised the blanket to allow the moonlight to shine in and let me see the treasure trove I was about to pirate.
I slid down out of my seat and sat on the floor with her legs each side of my head. She moved forward so that my tongue could reach her inner lips while my hands played with her nipples which were still rock hard and aching with desire. My tongue licked the sides of her pussy, gently darting here there and everywhere flicking insistently on her clit, each time causing her to gasp a little. She moved her body forward on the seat allowing me even more access to her moist juicy honey pot. Rubbing my hands up her back I could feel her body tensing as she was building towards her climax. Reaching up with one hand I gathered her breasts in one hand while sliding my other hand down until I could slide first one then two fingers inside her reaching up to find the spot that combined with my licking her clit would give her an orgasm she would remember for a while.
Biting her lip she was now groaning and writhing not wanting to climax but also knowing that she really wanted to.
Suddenly I stopped. The result was immediate.
“Don’t stop”, she begged me.
The intensity in her voice was an indication of how much she wanted me to keep going. Slowly I started again. Knowing that it would take her a while to build up again, I focused entirely on her clit licking it forcefully until she again was lifting her hips to meet my tongue. This time with each of my hands I tweaked her nipples with various degrees of force, some hard some soft, some sharp some slow squeezes.
This time I wasn’t going to stop so as her juices kept flowing over my lips I kept licking her until she could not hold back and with an immense shudder I felt her body relax as she allowed the climax to take over and she collapsed back into the seat.
I moved back into the seat beside her, my cock straining for release.
Suddenly I felt her get up beside me gather up her blanket and move back to her original seat.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said, “I just wanted to cum as I said and I wanted you to do it for me. Thanks it was great.”
As the train pulled into the next stop she got off, blowing me a kiss as she went.
I never saw her again on any other train trips.

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

9/13/2005 4:11 am

What a naughty girl she is, and so considerate of you to help her in her moment of need! Love the story, and not a bad fantasy either. The SIlver Fern may never be the same again, although with the amount I cum it may explain the state of the seats last time I travelled on it.


Havethelot2 64M

9/18/2005 2:46 pm

It was a relatively quiet evening and the bar patrons were sitting in small groups discussing their business hopes and planning for upcoming events. Scanning the room there was no-one that immediately captured my eye. Glancing casually at the door I saw him enter and look around as if expecting to see some-one.
A brief look of disappointment crossed his face as he came towards the bar and sat on a stool. As he walked across I could see he was a person who worked out in a gym and the gracefulness of his movements showed a worldly confidence.
His clothes were semi casual but neat and as I glanced at his butt the way the cotton material curved over his ass gave an indication of firmness that made me wonder what they would be like to hold.
Shaking my head slightly to snap out of it I asked him what type of drink he wanted. Getting his drink I saw him scan the room again and again the look of disappointment crossed his face.
I left him there and tended to other customers. As the evening came to a close and I was closing the bar he approached me and asked if I wanted to have a late evening snack with him. It crossed my mind who would be snacking on whom and agreed to meet him after closing the bar.
We went to his hotel restaurant where we made small talk however as the evening went on there was growing a stronger physical attraction as I wondered what he would look like with first his shirt off and then what he would look like naked. As if reading my mind he suggested perhaps we could have a late evening drink in his room which also had a spa if I was interested. Not wanting to appear too eager I agreed but said I would not stay the night as I was not that sort of person. He just laughed and said “Let’s just see what happens”.
Going up to his room in the lift he undid the top buttons of his shirt showing me his muscled torso indicating a well formed body and doing just enough to get me wanting to explore more.

Entering his room I saw he kept it neat and tidy. Moving to the bar he mixed a drink and holding it moved towards the bathroom and started to fill the spa. I waited till the spa was filled then following his lead we stripped down to our underwear. Looking at his body I was keen to see just was hidden underneath the boxer shorts. I saw from his glances at my body that he was not disappointed as I took pride in my body, exercised and ate to ensure it was always in good shape. Respecting my privacy and obviously not wanting to appear too eager he suggested we keep our underwear on until we got into the spa where if I wanted I could remove mine under the ‘protection’ of the water. This man was obviously a gentleman and knew how to seduce to ensure we both would enjoy it by moving at a pace which would build the excitement. Getting into the spa we sat opposite each other still making small talk however the heat of the spa the effect of the wine was making me feel horny and I decided I would take the initiative. Sliding around the pool I moved over to wards him. Looking at his face I could see he was not quite sure what I would do next. Leaning over I ran my tongue over his nipples which was not what he expected. Gasping slightly I could see his reaction was not what he expected. Reaching down I felt for his cock and found that he was as excited as I was. I slipped my hand through the band of his boxers and slowly slipped them down. Springing free I grabbed his rod and slowly started to stroke it up and down with enough force to let him know I wanted to give him some pleasure. As I did this I could feel his hand starting to explore my body. It was exciting to feel his hand between my legs gently stroking and rubbing making me feel very excited and wanting to move to the next level. Gently I stroked the back of his head with my other hand and suggested that perhaps we might enjoy it more if we moved into the bedroom. Wordlessly he stood up and I gasped with anticipated pleasure when I saw what was soon to become mine. It was thick, long and throbbing with desire. Looking at my body I could see by his eyes he also was excited at the forthcoming pleasure we were about to share. Grasping my hand he led me to the bed and with any hesitation lay down on his back indicating that he was all mine. Looking around I saw he had a tube of moisturizer on his dresser. Reaching out I grabbed the tube and squeezed some into my hands. Waiting slightly to let it warm I then started to rub it gently into his feet and legs paying particular interest to his toes and ankles as these stress points once rubbed can relax the bulk of the body. Looking up from his feet the sight of his cock standing upright almost made me forget what I was doing as I just wanted to suck it into my mouth and taste the saltiness. However I restrained myself and continued working my way up his body. His thighs were trembling and I could see he was struggling to contain himself. Teasingly I rubbed all around his centre of pleasure slowly forced my hands underneath his ass as I wanted to feel his tight buns in my hands. As my hands were still covered in the moisturizer I gently tickled his bum and then when he least expected it I slipped one finger inside his arse to the first knuckle. He gasped and I could see his cock jerk as if he had not experienced this before. Gently I moved and rotated my finger at the same stroking his cock. Felling him about to explode, I wanted to delay this as I wanted him to feel my tongue on his cock before he filled my mouth with his cum.
Removing my hand from his arse I continued to explore his body with my tongue now. Licking his nipples, nipping at his ears, gently nipping his biceps, in general exploring his body with my tongue until I could last no longer.
I wanted cock.
With a flourish I swooped. I started to lose control as I sucked his rod into my mouth. God it felt good. The smoothness of the head never failed to excite me and slipping my tongue into the small slit tickling the nerves inside making him jerk with desire was unbelievable. I made sure he could hear what was I was doing by making loud slurping and sucking noises all the while moaning my enjoyment of feeling his hips thrusting wildly now forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my warm moist mouth. Grabbing my head he was moaning seeking relief when all of a sudden without warning the hotel room door opened.

“What are you two guys doing”? She asked. As I had my mouth full I could do nothing but leave him to answer the question.

“Ï could not find you”, he said so we started without you. “I can see that” she replied, “well go ahead I want to watch and if I feel like it I might join in”.

Miraculously through out this short exchange his cock had not deflated too much so I kept licking and sucking although conscious now of the other person in the room. Soon he was just as hard as he was before the interruption and again I was reveling in the feeling of a good hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked it all over. Licking the underneath the glans was an extremely sensitive spot for him and this helped to make him even harder if that was possible.

Looking up I saw the woman was sitting up by his head and was slowly removing her clothes all the while watching with interest what I was doing, Not wanting to disappoint her now I concentrated on ensuring he was having a mind blowing orgasm. I could see she was now fully undressed. Her body was from a painting by Rueben. Warm and cuddly. Curves in the right spots and breasts to get lost in.
Her breasts were largish and the nipples were begging to be sucked. Her hips were wide and were nicely padded to ensure comfort while her pussy was trimmed and obviously cared for.

Leaning over him she kissed him deeply sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth almost in rhythm with my sucking of his rod. His thrusting hips became more frantic as he sought release and then I felt it starting to jerk wildly as he started to cum. Quickly moving I felt his cum spurt into my hand.

As he subsided I reached up with my hand and spread his cum over her tits. Massaging it in the smell was similar to an aphrodisiac and she started to moan with desire. I could see she was now getting turned on and I still had a fucking great hard on that was seeking some release.

Not quite sure of what to expect I slowly moved up the bed until I could place my cock in her hand. I moved her over until she was in the middle and could easily reach both our cocks. While his was still recovering mine was wanting relief.
I could see by her eyes she wasn’t quite sure what to do so I gently held her hand and started to stroke my cock while I leaned over and started to lick her breasts. The taste of his cum mingled with her body was fantastic. I pulled his head over to the other breast where he started doing the same. Glancing at the mirror in the room I could see our reflection. She in the middle with a cock in each hand and we two licking her breasts. Her nipples by now were aching and I slowly pushed his head down so he could start to lick her pussy which was now swollen and glistening in anticipation. Spreading her legs she opened even further to allow him to use his tongue to seek out those places often not explored. First he moved his tongue down one side probing the folds and inquisitively probing the entry to her pot of gold. Then slowly ever so slowly coming back up the other side until reaching her clit where a couple of strong licks would cause her to jerk in anticipation. While he was doing this I was paying attention to her breasts and upper body. I timed it so that as he stoked her with his tongue I would stroke her nipples with my tongue. It was easy to see she was enjoying the attention and was quickly building to her first of many orgasms. With out warning she whimpered shuddered and came.

But I still had my hard on. What happened next ………

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

10/4/2005 4:42 am

(Two guys - one of my favourite fantasies. . I will take up the role of the woman at this point, I love the story so far)

Still tingling from my first orgasm, I pushed the stranger back onto the bed. His naked, hard body tensed and his handsom cock stood firmly too attention. My husband lay back, admiring the scene, biting his lower lip as he watched me take the stranger completely in my mouth. After all, if this stranger could satisfy my husband, at least I could return the favour. He shuddered and moaned as I suck hard and longingly, taking as much of his big cock into my mouth as I could, while I gently squeezed his balls with my hand. A few minutes of intense sucking and the stranger gushed into my mouth, filling it with hot fluid. I didn't swallow, but went over to my husband and shared it in a passionate kiss.

By this stage hubby was almost ready to go again. I reached behind and eased one finger up his ass. This always got him back to attention, and it worked again this time. He swung around behind me and went balls-deep in one thrust into my very wet hole. It felt amazing. At the same time I retook the stranger's now limp cock in my mouth and sucked it while being rocked deeply from behind.

The stranger's cock became hard again. I slid off hubby and body slid onto the stranger, before impaling myself on his now rock hard cock cow girl style. His cock felt even bigger inside me - it felt amazing! I rode for what seemed like an hour, but was probably closer to 5 minutes before another great orgasm hit. I collapsed, my breasts in his face as he gentle kissed my tender nipples.

I felt 2 hands on my cheeks and realised my husband was spreading my ass and pushing his well-lubed cock against my asshole. One thing I have learnt is that resistance just makes anal more painful, so I realaxed as he eased into my tightest opening. I was my first double-penetration and the boys were being gentle. Soon, however, they began grinding in unison, thrusting me over and over. I became delirious, as waves of orgasms hit and broke . . .

what happened next? . . .

Havethelot2 64M

10/16/2005 11:47 am

This was sensational. I could feel her husbands cock through the membrane separating the two openings. I felt his thrusting first gentle and then slowly growing in intensity as the noise and sensations increased for all of us. His cock hard and long was sliding in and out of her asshole while my cock also hard slightly shorter but thicker was filling her pussy. I could see from her face she was enjoying the sensation and by her moaning and words she let us both know that although it was her first time being completely fucked by two men that she was enjoying the experience. Looking at her husbands face I could also see that he was experiencing something that he had not known before. It was exciting for me to see the intense sense of pleasure on both their faces as they both strove for longer harder releases than those experienced before. She was getting noisier and noisier and as his thrusts grew harder and harder I matched him stroke for stroke.

As the waves of multiple orgasms washed over her I could feel her centre throbbing and trying to milk the cum out of my cock. The throbbing of her pussy also caused her ass to pulsate finally pushing her husband over the edge.

We all came at the same time and fell spent into a jumbled mess on the bed. From the looks between them I could see they had both experienced something that they had wanted to for a while but had not found the right time and location.
Looking at the bedside clock I could see it was around 2.00 am. I decided it was too late for me to leave so I suggested we all have a shower to refresh ourselves and perhaps see what eventuated from there.

Looking at their faces I could see they were keen but also a little apprehensive as they had just experienced something they wanted and were wondering just what else could happen that evening.

Getting up from the bed and looking down on them as they embraced and shared some thoughts I headed for the bathroom and got under a warm shower, lathering my body, while stroking and massaging it remembering what had just happened.

Returning to the bedroom I found them lying together in a spoon embrace and I could see he was slowly and gently fucking her helping her to relax from the previous session. They were sharing a special moment so I took the opportunity to call room service for some early morning snacks.

The sound of the doorbell regrettably shook them out of their moment and they decided to share a shower and freshen up.

Opening the door I was pleased to see it was Alix from the kitchen who had delivered the food. Alix grinned as she saw me open the door. “I wondered why you were keen to lock up so quickly this evening. We have had a couple of calls regarding the noise in this room so I decided to see just what was going on behind the green door.” She said looking me up and down.

Opening the door wide I gestured for her to come on in and to place the tray on the table beside the bed.

Glancing through the bathroom door Alix could see that I was not alone as the wife and husband were embracing under the shower.

Looking at Alix I could see she was enjoying watching them under the shower. Unaware they were being watched he had slid down until she was able to sit on his face and allow him to clean her out by licking and sucking on the folds of her pussy ensuring it was all licked nice and clean. From the look on her face she was enjoying the experience and obviously wanted to ensure he probed and licked everywhere

Alix’s nipples started to grow and without realising it she had started to gently rub her hands over her body obviously starting to get in rhythm with his actions. With the light behind her I could see that her body was well formed and was wearing a very low cut bra and thong. Walking up behind her I reached out and undid the clasp of the uniform at the top and gently slid the zipper down. I could sense Alix was unsure of just what to do so I slipped the uniform off her shoulder and let it slip to the floor.
“I need to get back to the kitchen, they will miss me,” she said. Slowly I turned her around so she could see the effect she was having on me. I had seen Alix at work several times and always thought that there might be a spark between us and wanted to explore and see if it could ignite it. I grasped her hand and placed it on my cock. Almost instinctively she started to stroke it at the same time turning so she could see the couple in the bathroom.
They had moved slightly and now she was on her knees with the water cascading over hair and face while she paid attention to his cock. All of a sudden I felt Alix gasp and looking at the couple he was leaning against the wall of the shower while she was behind rimming him with her tongue almost making him collapse with pleasure. From our previous session I could see he liked to have his ass played with and this confirmed it.
I reached around and started to rub Alix’s nipples feeling them grow in my fingers. With my other hand I undid the clasp of her bra and let it also fall to the floor.
Leaning back against me I heard Alix utter a low guttural moan while she let me rub and flick her nipples while watching his cock grow larger as she continued to lick his ass and balls all the while starting to stroke his cock.

Perhaps it was a six sense that made her look around and seeing me rubbing Alix’s tits and the look of pleasure in Alix’s eyes made her smile as she had often fantasized about being watched by another woman as she made love to a man.
Slowly she got up, whispered something to her husband who nodded and then she moved out of sight. He stayed where he was slowly stroking his cock to keep it hard while she was out of sight doing whatever she was doing.

Alix and I moved into the bedroom where Alix could see even better the show that perhaps they were about to put on for us.

Glancing back into the bathroom we could see she was now coming back into the bathroom carrying a range of toys. In her hands she had a couple of dildos and the harness for her or him to strap it on.

To heighten Alix’s pleasure I lay her down on the bed and placed my cock at the opening of her pussy pulling the thong aside. We were lying down in the scissors position so when I needed to or Alix wanted it we could be joined with minimal fuss. In this position I could still play with Alix’s tits or if I needed to could stroke her clit for her to keep her aroused and keen to experience more. I could fuck her with long slow gentle strokes while allowing her to massage herself to the number of orgasms she wanted.

After all we did not want to miss the show we were about to see……

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

11/22/2005 3:10 am

It was payback time. Hubby had fucked me up the ass and now it was my turn to repay the favour. I had just finished rimming him so I knew that his anus was gagging to be probed. I strapped in the harness and gently positioned the tip of the dong against his tight hole. I dripped a good amount of lube on then gently eased into him. It was pure bliss! I felt so powerful and sexy. I looked over at the stranger and his new lover. Their eyes were wide and unblinking. They had forgotten to fuck and were just joined while watching us.

I beckoned them over to join us. The girl was really cute and I gave her my other strap on and told the stranger to 69 hubby. He crawled under and started sucking my husbands cock while his was taken deep into hubby's mouth. I passed the pretty girl the lube and she positioned herself behind the stranger and pushed his legs far forward and slowly entered his tight ass. I know how much hubby likes to be fingered while I suck him, and he was in heaven now!

We fucked like this for what seemed like ages, but was probably closer to 15 minutes. It was so hot. Finally, the guys came. I don't knew who came first but it triggered the other one's orgasm and they moaned and swallowed.

What happened next? . . .

Havethelot2 64M

12/21/2005 1:52 pm

The feeling of Alix gently thrusting in and out of my arse was almost a dream come true. While exploring my sexuality I had sucked cock and been shagged by another man but this was fantastic. To know that Alix was in control and was determining the speed and deepness of the thrust while I had a cock in my mouth made me feel very submissive ‒ something I had not felt before. Looking up I could see the look on the wife’s face as she was also thrusting in and out of her husband. It was obvious from her expressions that she was enjoying the feeling of her pussy thrusting against her husband and with each thrust her clit was being rubbed and stimulated.

I could feel her husbands cock seemingly growing larger and larger while he struggled not to explode too soon. Licking the tip of his cock I slowly sucked it in and out of my mouth trying hard to match the rhythm of his wife thrusts. Moaning deep within myself I felt I could not go on much longer as the total mind blowing experience was building up inside me. My cock seemed so big filling his mouth while he was sucking it in as deep as he could.
Glancing over to the mirror in the room it was a site to behold. Alix behind me moving in unison with the wife as they looked at each other recognising that they were in charge and in control of the action. Seeing the difference in their bodies Alix with her nipples hard and extended and the wife with the look of lust and total wantonness in her eyes could not hide the pleasure she was getting from this. Alix reached out with one hand and grabbed her breasts tweaking the nipples causing a her to gasp with the slight pain but at the same time causing her to thrust involuntarily deeper into her husband causing him to groan and clamp his mouth around my cock even tighter.

Finally I could last no longer and as I started to cum I could feel his body jerk as he shot his load deep into my throat.

The girls still deep in our arses looked at each other and with a final glance in the mirror as if to capture the moment pulled back to allow us all to collapse on the bed.

For a few minutes there was silence as we all collected our thoughts and cuddled the respective partners soaked up the atmosphere.

Alix beside me was looking at the wife as she cuddled into her husband when she felt the wife reach over to place her hand on Alix’s breast.

“Our turn” she said “the boys are happy and satisfied but I want just a little more. What do you think?”

Without speaking a word Alix reached out and gently started stroking her breasts gently rubbing the whole breast running her hands underneath and all around massaging and rubbing the nipples with her palms. Feeling the nipples stiffening and growing harder in her palms Alix leaned over and kissed the wife. Initially the wife was a little reluctant as she had not wanted to be that familiar however as Alix slowly circled her lips with her tongue the wife slowly became accustomed and started to appreciate the sensation and feelings that were building up in her.

Moving her hands from the wife’s breasts Alix’s slowly moved her hands up the body feeling the electric charge that was building between the two women. Massaging the neck the base of the hair line then sensuously running her fingers through the wife’s hair letting it slip between her fingers to cascade down against her skin producing the feeling of silk being brushed against her body. The wife shivered in anticipation and with a gentle moan slid her hands down Alix’s body also feeling the charge building up inside Alix’s body. From the side of the bed Alix gathered the blind fold and placed over the wifes eyes. A little apprehensive at first she slowly relaxed as Alix continued to keep stroking and increasing the build up.

Looking in the mirror I could see the husband was now watching intently to ensure he would learn from the experience how women like to be touched and stroked to allow the building up to the intense feeling of wantonness.

The two women were now engrossed in their own activities. Oblivious to us watching they were caressing, exploring, seeking, learning just what to do to provide the maximum enjoyment for the other person.

Alix had moved from the wifes head and was now exploring her back and shoulders. With her eyes closed it was as she was learning and remembering every part of the skin and just what to do where to ensure a response. Similarly the wife was exploring Alixs legs from toes to knees, stroking, petting, tickling. Occasionally pausing as if tacitly asking if it was enjoyable and then exploring another part of the body.

Alix suddenly gave a little gasp as her lover placed her complete hand over her mound completely encompassing, trapping in the heat and giving a feeling of security. Gently moving her hand in small circles Alix felt the moisture staring to build up and she felt a strong desire to open her legs to allow the lover access to her aching honey pot.

Almost as if in retribution Alix placed her mouth over the nipple and sucked strongly sending waves of desire over her lover. Almost as if they were reading each others mind they slid down over each others bodies until they could inhale the musky aroma of each other and Alix could see the glistening dew drops of moisture which were forming.

Flicking her tongue out Alix captured one of the drops and sighed appreciatively as the taste invaded her senses. Using long slow strokes with her tongue Alix started to run her tongue up and down until involuntarily the wife opened her legs allowing Alix full access to her.

The wife being so close to Alix’s pearl of joy was however so engrossed in what Alix was doing that she wanted to cum first so allowed herself to succumb to Alix’s insistent probing with her tongue.

Watching Alix, I could see she was enjoying the feeling and placing her tongue firmly on the wife’s labia started long slow licks up and down each time ending with a flick of her clit. Exploring fully Alix was enjoying the feeling of the wife thrusting up in anticipation of each flick and probe of Alix’s tongue into her honey pot.

The husband looked on and as if wanting to assist his wife placed his hand on his wife’s breast and in time with Alix started to caress her. The wife feeling another pair of hands on her initially tensed then relaxed as she realised there was no pain only and increase in pleasure.

Alix now was probing, flicking, inhaling, sucking, nipping, with her tongue and fingers, making the wife writhe in pleasure moan with excitement, beg for a release as her body tensed then relaxed then tensed then relaxed as the feeling built up and up.

Alix was now caressing the wife internally with her finger finding the spot which only women seem to be able to find driving the wife to an even greater sense of desire. With Alix’s fingers probing and stroking, with Alix’s tongue licking and flicking, and with hr husband hands playing with with nipples she could finally last no longer and exploded over the chasm, feeling the electric charge racing through her body until she was completely drained and sated.

Leaning over her, her husband removed the blindfold and kissed her passionately. From the glance between then Alix and I knew it was time to leave and let them share the moment.

Giving them one last goodbye Alix and I gathered up our belongings got dressed and left to go to Alix’s home.

But that’s another story.

You want to start the next one?

PoenaCubitInfra 45M

12/22/2005 4:19 pm

Interesting sories

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