One of my fantasies. . .  

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7/24/2005 5:18 am

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One of my fantasies. . .

This is one of my fantasies that I would love to live out. This one is about having sex with a stranger with full knowledge and consent of my husband. In some versions he watches hidden away, in others I tell him how wicked I have been afterwards. In reality I would insist on condoms, but this is a fantasy so I get a cream pie!

Here it is anyway. Let me know if you think I should do it, what are the dangers to our marriage and is there something I can do to make this steamier? This was originally part of a correspondence with a man who was going to be the man in this fantasy. Then he suddenly stopped writing to us. I think he missed out, what do you think?

I met him at the hotel door just wearing stockings and heels. We stared nervously at each other, neither saying a word. I was the first to move, stepping forward. The expression of anticipation on his face was intoxicating. Standing before him, I stared into his eyes and went to work on his belt, his hips jerking with the motion as I unfastened the buckle. He wore the best neutral face he could muster, as if taunting to see how far I would take things. But I could tell he was feeding off the tension as much as I was. I sank to my knees and looked up at him from below. I was defining the terms, even if that meant submitting to him. The truth was, I loved doing this. It was a delicious balance of irony–on my knees before him, and yet still the one in control. I ran my knails up the front of his thighs. He twitched slightly as I leaned forward and nibbled my teeth along his length. It was rock-hard, above average in length and nice and thick. He remained still as I unfastened his pants and dragged down the zip. He hesitated, then let go of a contained breath and inched away from the wall, pushing his trousers to a mid-thigh level. I picked up where he left off, dragging his boxer shorts to his ankles as his cock brushed against my lips. I bit my lip for emphasis as I rolled his member between my hands. His large shaft filled my fingers as I squeezed him, a clear drop of his arousal forming at the crest of his swollen pink head. I bathed him in his body's juices as I stroked, allowing his moans to guide my pace. “Don’t stop”, he pleaded. I took him in my mouth, the thickness of his erection filling my mouth. He cried out as I sank deeper, drawing him into my throat as I gripped the back of his legs for support. His hips began to move with me , fucking my face and he quivered like he might collapse. This encounter may end as quickly as it had started. I was prepared, the intensity between us now unmanageable. I held on, expecting to taste his orgasm at any moment, then slowed my pace, finally releasing him from my lips as I coaxed him with my hand. "No yet, babe,” I said. His eyes were clenched tight. He licked his lips; swallowed and nodded that he heard me, but said nothing. After giving him a second to calm himself, I pulled him deep into my throat and then withdrew before plunging again, slurping as I swallowed all that I could handle. He combed his fingers through my hair as I sucked; his breathing now punctuated by gasping gulps of air. Once again I pulled back and stroked him with my hand. I took him again into my mouth, pushing forward until I had swallowed him entirely, pressing my lips against his pubic hair. My fingernails raked his thighs and I withdrew and plunged again, harder and progressively faster until his knees began to tremble. He gasped. I pulled back one final time until the head of his swollen cock remained in my lips. Staring up at him, I plunged again. Three more times was all it took. His cock jerked and he cried out as the warm, salty mixture of his orgasm flooded my thoat. I licked him clean, got up and walked towards the bed with a wiggle of my ass. I know he was transfixed.

I lay back on the bed and he dived in and started returning the favour, kissing my breasts, stomach before his roaming tongue slid between my wet wet lips. The pleasure was intense. “Oh, fuck . . that feels ssoooooooooo good!” I grabbed my new lover’s hair forcing his face hard between my legs. The excitement and the excellent tonguing I was getting soon had me writhing as I crashed through my first orgasm. I squeezed his head between my stockinged thighs ‒ he knew he still had to do more! After a moments pause he started again, very softly at first then hard and fast, sliding along, over and around my aching clit. I clenched again as a second mighty orgasm rocked me. I have managed to cum 10 times in a row with my husband (this is true - lucky girl, huh?), but 2 great, raunchy orgasms are a superb start!

He looked up, smiling, his face wet with my juices. “Fuck me, baby” I whispered, “Fuck me!” I lay on my back, legs spread wide as I held my legs far apart waiting for him to enter my shaved, soaking pussy. I gave him a relaxed yet horny smile that comes after a great orgasm. He knelt between my legs and gentle teased my opening with his cock. I stared down at his hard body and harder cock. I was aching to feel inside. I didn’t need to wait long. With a single, gentle, long thrust he burried his beautiful cock deep inside me. We groaned in unison, it felt so good, so damn good! He was thrusting me, gently at first then harder, his pelvis smacking my clit sending waves of passion through my body. I love all positions - missionary with him was so right yet so wrong. Another man, not my husband was burying his beautiful shaft deep in me and I just lay on my back loving it, groaning, pulling him in harder with my legs as he thrust deep, deep inside me again and again.

We changed positions and I started to ride him. Now I was in control, sliding, grinding on his pole. His eyes rolled back in his head as the pleasure mounted. I lent forword and dragged my nipples across his mouth, all the while riding my mount. I love this position to. I love being able to grind my clit down, I love being able to press my breasts into my lover's face, tease them, let let suck and nibble on my oh-so-sensitive nipples while looking them in the eye and lower my steaming pussy slowly down their shaft.

I knew he was close, so I stopped and reached back and took his balls, now soacked with our juice and sweat. I tugged and teased while stroking his cock in my hand. It felt so hard and, well, “manly”. Afte he had calmed down a bit I got on all fours. Doggy is my favourite, and I knew my ass framed in my stockings with my dripping pussy would get his attention. I bit my lip as he thrust even deeper than before. I pushed back as his balls slapped against my mound. I reached back pulling his balls, sqeazing them as he clenched and began to cum. I could feel his cock spasm firing his load deep into me. My back arched, the pure passion of the moment and the wonderful feeling of his cock unloading in me sent me over the edge again.

He collapsed, exhausted and very satisfied. I slid up next to him and said, “You had better leave, lover. My husband is due any minute and we can’t be caught.” He dressed and slipped out the hotel door. Minutes later my husband arrived. I was lying there, freshly fucked, leaking and just wearing a wicked smile and stockings. He climbed on the bed, “Tell me everything, you naughty naghty girl!” It was a long, long night!

rm_thebesttoy 38M
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7/28/2005 5:06 am

very sexy I love when you said "fuck me" and the discription of his first thrust made me moan. that first thrust can be orgasmic on it's own if done right i'm definatly a fan

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

7/30/2005 1:56 am

The first thrust is almost always the best! Especially if the foreplay is done right and I am very very wet - oooooooooooh!

dark_nz_honey 42M/39F

7/30/2005 2:27 pm

Hey Adam,

I don't know if my husband would be game to eat out another man's cum, but I am sure he would do sloppy 2nds. . .

rm_goldenguy33 45M
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8/2/2005 6:50 am

well honey if i had written it myself it couldnt have put it any better!!!!!Now im really looking forward to beng one of the strangers!!!!!!!

rm_Naughtyone6 52M

9/28/2005 4:32 am

Loved the fantasy babe. Just wish I was the one...

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