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7/17/2006 6:46 pm

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I am a 27 bicurious male living in Hephzibah, GA (near Augusta). I have just recently begun to explore my sexuality, and in many ways, I am unsure what I like and don't like.

I am also interested in long, deep, conversations about just about anything. I love talking about life, love, passion, intimacy, and the current direction of humanity. I love movies, with my favorites being romantic comedies. As for music, I wavier on the alternative, rock, and soft rock genre. I also love to read. My favorite authors are Robert Jordan and Dean Koontz. However, I do not limit myself to these authors or to the science fiction and suspense areas.

I hope this blog will help in trying to discover the truths about myself and people as a whole. I would also like to find out more about life and love as well as philosophy.

What type of people I am interested in? I do not really know, and I really do not have much experience in the area. I have been a recluse more often than not, though I am working on getting out more (hence joining this site). I am just going to take things on a case by case basis.

And who knows? Maybe I will not be the only one to find some wisdom in these words.

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7/17/2006 9:17 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I like to read Dean Koontz too. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Hey! If you get a chance, stop over at my blog and sign up for CAMP APHRODISIAC...........Get Excited!!!!

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