Hyper sex drive. Healthy or not?  

darienlangair 37M
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7/23/2006 9:46 pm
Hyper sex drive. Healthy or not?

At times, I do surprise myself. But, it does seem that I think about sex all the time. Every singe day, and at a lot of times throughout that day. And I do have to masturbate at times (at least daily) to lessen that desire so I can get on with the rest of my day.

Sometimes, I wonder if this level of desire for sex is normal. I know having a sex drive is normal, and expressing it is normal as well. But, to this degree. I do not know.

It is a fact that I have recently lost my virginity (back in November), and that may have a thing to do with things. I have also have not had any sexual encounters (in person) for going on 5 months now. And that could also play a role.

I am just a little worried about getting overly obsessed with the issue. And it does seem strange to post this quesion on a site like this, but there it is. Is my hyper sex drive healthy or not? To tell the truth, I do not know.


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