servicing my Daddy  

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1/31/2006 8:05 pm

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servicing my Daddy

the baby was down for a nap and Daddy was sitting in fron of the computer. i sat and watched while Daddy keep one hand on the mouse and the other down His pants.

He noticed me looking and said
i smiled at Him and said,
"i like watching You play with Your cock."

He pulled His cock out of His pants, nice and hard. i watched Him continue to stroke it while He played the computer.

i smiled at him again and said,
"i wish i could fit under the table."
"Why?" He asked.
"so i could suck Your cock." i replied.
"I bet you could fit."
Daddy assured me, and i did.

it was a little tight, but i got to suck Daddy's cock like i wanted. i sucked on Him and told Him how i wanted him to cum all over my face and hair. that He liked. He stood up and i continuted to suck on him. i took His cock in my hand and rubbed it all over my cheeks and hair. i told Him how i wanted cum all in my hair and dripping off my cheeks and chin.

"Do you want an old man's cum on you, bitch?" Daddy asked.
"yesh Daddy."
i replied; with a mouth full of cock.

Daddy began to cum, i pulled His cock out of my mouth and ran it across the top of my hair and back down onto my cheeks. Daddy seemed pleased with me and took my picture, seen here.

i hope you enjoyed!

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