This is a long one (it should be two)  

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1/26/2006 2:40 am

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This is a long one (it should be two)

It's laaate Wednesday night and I cannot believe the events that have transpired this week.

While on line Tuesday I was talking to sddrama2007 (AdultFriendFinder) who is quickly on her way to number three . I offered her to cum over and she jumped at the chance. she's a flamboyant sex machine whom action seems to follow wherever she goes. Oh what a great addition to my harem she is.

Shortly after arriving I invited her back into the computer room. She sat on the chair and sucked my cock while one of her callers (who was to pussy to fuck my bitches with an audience) watched on web cam. My god she is hot. Even maria told me later it made her wet from the living room. she would stop every so often, look up, smile, giggle, and go back to town. When I finally blew my load on this hot slut's lips she smiled as it ran down her chin. she smiled for a picture then licked my cum off her lips.

Shit just don't get much better than that man

Oh but it does. Once the little one was down W/we had a 'round then went to town. W/we had failed earlier in the evening in finding another caller to fuck my little sluts. maria's curiosity already having been peeked, she wanted to play with the new bitch. she ran her fingers down her leg and over her pierced cunt. The bitched moaned and maria slid her fingers inside her first pussy. I think my little bitch was turned on by this. she definitely needs a cock for stimulation, but she can definitely deal with other sluts now I know. her adaptability and willingness to serve me above all others is the reason she will ALWAYS be number one. It is amazing to watch the one you've towed along for so long suddenly get up and fly with little provocation. Watching this turned me on and her as well.

she soon laid back and wanted to be fucked. The new bitch proceeded to feel my slut's dripping pussy. she slid Tyrone in and maria shuddered. she looked at me and rested my flaccid member on her cheek. she rubbed it on her lips and asked for my permission to cum. she gave a quick squeeze and you could now hear the big black toy slop in and out of her cunt. My little slut was wet and horny. she continued to swallow my cock deeper as it grew. I could tell how much she enjoyed the nigger. I told the third to pound harder and I granted the first permission to climax. she squeezed the toy out of her and the other was amazed. I think that nigger is making her tighter, not looser.

It was time to fuck these sluts. The third laid back on the couch and I slid in her tight cunt. The first watched and played with her toy. As I pounded the bitch she asked for permission to cum several times, and when I had enough I decided to fuck maria. she laid back and put her legs up and I pounded her pussy. The other watched until I was ready for her again. I told her to bend over and slid inside her. she squealed with delight as I reached full erection. My full eight inch rod pounded her cervix as my balls gently slapped her clit. It was soon to much for her as her knees began to buckle I let up and looked at maria.

"Bend over bitch" I told my first little slut. she promptly obeyed and pounded her until I could stand to no more. I still had not released and gave up in exhaustion.

The next day (Wednesday) maria returned home from running errands to find me stroking my cock while compiling a few net samplings. I made her a nice little nigger playlist and after having a 'round with her was ready to use and brainwash my pretty slut. she sat in front of the computer while she watched and blew me. she liked it this time, and it brought her just a little closer to really wanting to blow a nigger. I jerked off in her face as she watched fat white sluts get gang banged by two black buddies. she liked this and her enthusiasm put me over the top as I shot my load on her face. Some even hit the chair! My what a good little whore.

msharleygurl had plans that fell through in the evening so I invited her over. She was talking to another Master on line when I had maria work me up in the living room. Once hard I approached the second at the computer and she smiled. I pointed it at her and she knew. she licked my shaft up and down once, then twice, and took my cock into her mouth. she sucked it down as maria came up behind me and rubbed my balls. Having two sluts work on you at the same time is an amazing feeling, I highly recommend it.

I know, everybody can't be as lucky as I am. Everybody can't be as good as I am either. I told her to invite the other master to watch on cam. I made sure he saw both bitches servicing their Master and knew kell had to be horny. I grabbed our favorite little toy again and had her suck while I ran my fingers up and down her wet labia. maria watched as I slid the member into her cunt. she sighed and arched her back. As I worked the black fallice in and out of her she began quiver. I rammed it into her and she threw her head back.

"Can i?" she whispered in a barely audible tone.

"What'd you say? Speak up bitch!" I commanded.

"Can i please cum Sir?" she cried out.

"Go ahead, cum you little bitch."

she unleashed her orgasm and her pussy tightened. she convulsed and slid down a few feet in her chair. I rammed the dong into her and felt it drip with her juices. Few other Masters can make a bitch physically cum like I can. I continued to ram the toy in and out while she trembled. I worked it around and she asked permission again like a good lil slut. I granted and she gushed as she released.

Later I had maria began to blow me on the couch. Her enthusiasm turned me on to no end and I ready to have her suck me off. I needed more stimulation and would have loved to take her to a glory hole. I thought hard about it and decided to fuck her instead and told her to bend over. As I felt her cunt I wet my finger and slid it into her ass. I felt great, I have done a good job training her to be an ass slut. After taking Tyrone the other night I know she will have no problem taking any nigger that wants it.

I lubed my cock and slid it in. the slut shuddered as I slid my snake in and out. As I slid my cock in and out she spoke of her sluttiness and came several times. her ability to achieve orgasm with nothing but getting it in the ass makes me ecstatic for what may be possible. I have heard of ben-wa balls but don't know how they work. Perhaps she can use those to orgasm while giving head! Imagine the possibilities then!

I finally blew an nice load in her ass and msharleygurl thanked us for the show. It's been a crazy week, and if this weekend happens, who knows what's ahead!

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