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1/29/2006 4:21 pm

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The house was full of whores again last night, but we needed a slight break. I know I did, but still felt the urge to cum. Of course no sooner I mention this then the first chimes in...

"Well now knowing that I'm horny."

OK, so I removed my pants and had her suck my cock while the second watched. I knew she wanted in so I had maria stop and motioned kelly to come over. she got on her knees before me and proceeded to blow me like a good little slut.

I was ready to fuck and told kel to lay down. I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock into her as she panted louder and louder. she begged to cum and I let her. I pounded away through her orgasm and after she finished abruptly withdrew. I told my wife to bend over and proceeded to pound her on the couch. After she came three times and I was still rock hard I walked into the computer room and looked at steph.

"Bend over bitch"

she got up and bent over the chair. I slid my cock into her cunt and pounded until I could stand no longer. I needed a break and could not find my release.

needablack1 went to bed and proudlilbadgurl soon headed home. It was just masters3OH and Myself and we were on line looking at porn (what else). We had a very nice talk and got to know each other. I turns out we have a very common interest, one I have been seeking to indulge for some time. I sat there and stroked my cock as we looked at porn. I could hear her rubbing her clit as I told her about my experiences with this common interest. I finally could sense myself closing in on climax so I stood up.

"On your knees bitch!"

she got on her knees in front of me and proceeded to suck my dick down her throat. As I came closer and closer I pulled out and started jerking in front of the bitch's face. There was only one thing I had wanted to do with this load since I had been unable to dispense it the night before, and that was blow it on steph's pretty face. I have NEVER met a girl who actually likes facials the way she does, and I LOVE to give them . So I beat off until I blew my load onto her smiling lips then snapped this shot. she loves my cum, and says it's actually not bad. It was hot as hell to see that slut lick it off her lips as well.

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