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5/12/2006 9:22 pm

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Still tickin'

Hey all. I've had a couple of emails asking how things are, so here's an update. I appreciate the concern a few have expressed and truly appreciate the wellwishers.
Dad's better, still quite ill but we keep our fingers crossed he isn't "done" yet. A big part is mental attitude and he's better now than he was a few weeks ago when he just wanted to die. The pain gets quite severe from his ailment but is managed quite better now.
Again, I (and Dad) really love and thank you wholeheartedly for your best wishes and prayers. They mean a lot to me, who has not met many of you, and Dad (who doesn't know the wellwishers are largely AdultFriendFinder writers. A girl can't share "everything" with her daddy!).
I've sent my galpals on to England without me. My overseas vacation will's much more important to spend time here in TN with family for a bit longer. I'm not a mommy but am looking forward to Mother's Day and dinner with dad and mom.
On the homefront (Las Vegas) I guess I could have held off buying anything there, but the deal was there and I wanted to be there too so there ya are. I still have the townhome in Colorado with a friend hanging there, planning on buying it from me. But I'll visit once in awhile. Got to see my Broncos!
The home in Vegas is biggg, much bigger than a lone gal needs, but exciting news! My friend Margie (who also is an AdultFriendFinder member) and good longtime pal Michael, from Denver, are going to join me there! There is so much room, they're moving in and...ahem, yes, we've been known to play together a couple of times. Don't tell anyone who thinks I'm a sweet totally reserved gal! LOL. Margie and I have accepted and very much enjoyed some good, clean sensual fun. Michael and I are best friends, share each other when we need, or want, and we've hooked up with a couple of other couples too. So...for the whole two of you who've asked - yes, I enjoy meeting couples and now have a couple of close friends who'll play too! If you're interested, who knows? Let me know. I'm going to post pics of them both soon. watch for Michael and Margie (bedbunny). OK, enough of that, but it's a departure from me and I wanted to share the news.
Oh, and I still play alone, just no time right now. But to a couple of steady wellwishers with whom I've had no time to follow up, don't give up! Maybe someday! I would really like to see you! I'm missing a prime op to meet one of them who is in LV soon. Sorry hun, it would've been fun.
So that's the update, both family biz and slightly saucy sides. As usual, luv ya all and thanks for the support.

ProFotoFreak 45M

5/13/2006 10:40 am

It's encouraging that his spirits are up. Hope that trend continues!

I don't want to get into your business, but I’m curious; what does one do to be able to afford a home in Colorado, a large home in Las Vegas, a European vacation, and a long (and completely justified) work hiatus? From your pictures and affiliations, my first guess is a very successful model. Am I wrong?

Now, I DIDN’T know you were so liberal in your sexual preferences! How cool is THAT! Without saying anything for which I may be directly held accountable (military), we have more in common that I previously thought. Then again, I always did like coming and looking at your excellent pictures and your fun exploits. You have a fan!

Be well and write often,


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